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Living in the Internet age, with the information explosion, the kidnapping of the circle of friends, and a "Peach Blossom Land" that allows us to hide in the city and calm in our hearts, is an ideal

life was originally simple

living in the Internet age, the information explosion, the kidnapping of the circle of friends, and the existence of a "Peach Blossom Land" that allows us to hide in the city and calm down in our hearts are our ideals. We reflect: how to reshape the sense of security under the increasingly fast pace of life? In the days of catching up and being chased, how can I press the "pause button", find a good time, entrust the most down-to-earth emotion, take a breath, and live a slow life

starting from the origin of "less is more" proposed by the architect Mies van der Rohe, more enjoyment and experience are presented in the most concise and simple way, and the Western minimalist culture is integrated with the eastern traditional sense of home belonging. Therefore, the embryonic form of "minimalist impression" is about to emerge

life, return to the original simplicity

design, return to the original intention of "people-oriented"

the impression is very simple, living in the current era

three dimensional presentation of structural aesthetics

the designer integrated the Chinese character "Hui" into the work, giving the work the life philosophy and minimalist aesthetics of "hiding great beauty in invisibility and hiding everything in Minimalism". Take into account the storage and display needs in home life, and flexibly use the combination of open lattice and closed door panels to highlight the storage function. Let the cabinet integrate into the wall, with a visual sense of embeddedness, and soar the beauty of the three-dimensional structure to the top. With the wall as the background, the cabinet is more like a landscape, giving people a sense of atmosphere, fashion, stability and steadiness

just like the minimalist aesthetics to be conveyed by "minimalism of impression", we take the modular combination and structural beauty to the extreme, and then choose the color matching according to the owner's taste and preference, which is so simple and extraordinary, We can "make every space and every corner contain the spirit of inclusiveness and personality demands, almost synchronized with the host's thoughts, and infinitely close to ingenuity ".

the plain pursuit of strengthening functions

the straightforward expression of minimalism is more reflected in the extreme humanity of functions. From the perspective of consumers, there is no affectation, and the space utilization and practical convenience are put in the first place.

the splicing of two groups of bookcases is enough to move the whole office home. Large capacity memory is the first choice for home office workers. In addition, turning the door panel down can be used as an office desktop, and the printer The projector and stationery rack are hidden in the door panel. The sliding door is designed to be multi-purpose at one stroke, which can meet the privacy of the objects stored in the cabinet, and can also be used as a whiteboard and projection wall. It can be used in life, study and work

the form is extremely simple, the function is prominent, the business is easy to live, and the space is not wasted. Every move hits the core needs of users. A good design is that there is no surplus and just right

designs that are not based on customer needs are all hooligans

wonderful fun taste of color hopping

18 cabinet colors and 12 optional colors of door panels and color hopping grids can be combined into more than 600 color matching schemes. While providing multiple options, our design home consultants will give consumers guidance from a professional perspective, and go to a home love that can stand the test of time and defeat aesthetic fatigue

the impression is extremely simple. With neat and concise visual lines, coupled with pure and pure colors, it creates a simple and lively space, which enables people to get rid of tedious and complex, get comfortable and relaxed psychological enjoyment, and create a simple, elegant and rational taste home through color hopping embellishment

this cabinet wall, which integrates the wardrobe with the dressing table, uses Knight grey as the overall color, setting a tone - the free and casual Nordic simplicity. Supplemented by the door panel through blue flowers, it is classified and zoned with geometric lines and color patches, which brings out the noble temperament of a gentleman in practice. Drawers and lattice frames are made of palace yellow, which makes the passion and fun of life jump out in a flash, the finishing touch

we are glad to see that minimalism, a materialized subtraction and elimination of tedious lifestyle, has gradually evolved from a niche classic to being loved and followed by more and more people

the impression is minimalist. Together with you, you can reduce pressure on your thoughts, release your inspiration, and simplify your life. Minimalist impression integrates functions and ideals. In such a real and natural space, let's take off our heavy makeup, be the most real and comfortable ourselves, be honest with ourselves, and be gentle with our family

minimal impression, a simple and simple philosophy of life, a touch switch of life wisdom and slow lifestyle




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