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Recently, due to the continuous warming of the second-hand real estate market, more and more consumers buy second-hand houses. However, since second-hand houses have been decorated at the time of purchase, how to decorate them again has become a problem of concern to many consumers. To this end, the reporter learned about the situation from some designers and provided some key points of second-hand house decoration for the owners of second-hand houses for your reference

>& gt;& gt; The designer believes that the first thing to be solved in the design of second-hand house decoration is whether the function of the house is reasonable and whether the waterway and wires are perfect

to redecorate the second-hand house, we must first replace the ceramic tiles in the bathroom. Because the most dissatisfied place of second-hand houses is the bathroom. Either they don't like the color and style of porcelain chips, or there are problems such as local damage. You can shovel off the porcelain chips on the wall with serious damage and replace them with mosaic and other materials with relatively bright colors. Other walls remain unchanged, which is economical, modern and more personalized. Or shovel off all the wall tiles and replace them again. It is not necessary to use very high-grade porcelain chips. In principle, it is clean and easy to take care of. At the same time, from the perspective of hygiene, it is also recommended to re purchase sanitary appliances such as toilets, which is more reassuring to use

most of the second-hand houses purchased are equipped with furniture, appliances, etc., so the furniture left by the original landlord may not be completely removed. Take the bedroom wardrobe as an example. The surface can be polished and painted into your favorite color. If other movable furniture in the bedroom is purchased again, Boeing board or wood grain paper with similar color and texture to the newly purchased furniture can also be pasted on the surface of the cabinet, so that it looks more harmonious and beautiful

in addition, the most important part of second-hand house decoration is wall renovation. If there is hollowing and peeling on the original wall, the original swing layer must be removed and redone. After brushing the primer, there is an easy way to get the effect, which is to choose the color you like to make the finish paint. If the ceiling has a corner line, brush it white with the ceiling. In this way, even if the wall surface does not do any modeling, the effect is also very good, and the ceiling, wall body and floor are well-organized on three sides. For the treatment of the bedroom wall, you can paint a different color on the wall of the head and back of the bed, and the other walls can be painted with white finish paint. The color of the back wall at the head of the bed should not be too dark, mainly beige and pink, and should be distinguished from other walls in lightness. In this way, the atmosphere of the room appears warm and personalized

at present, "heavy decoration, light decoration" is being accepted by more and more people. Some owners themselves will buy second-hand housing as a short-term transition, in the decoration of second-hand housing should try to do just that. The lack of area and space of the house itself should be beautified by accessories in the later stage, such as greening, decorative painting, and even the reasonable placement of mirrors, which can give you a comfortable and beautiful home space




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