Operation method of the thickest corrugated board

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Operation method of corrugated board thickness

corrugated board thickness test gb/t corrugated board thickness determination method

the thickness of corrugated board is also one of the inspection items for heavy defects in the appearance of cartons. The thickness of the paperboard has both quality and speed indicators, which directly affects the edge pressing strength, puncture strength, compressive strength and other properties of the paperboard. There are many reasons that affect the thickness indicators of the paperboard, such as low wear at the tooth tip (top) of the corrugating roller, poor adjustment of the paper guide, too fast speed of the single-sided machine, too high external pressure and low temperature of the corrugating roller. If the thickness of corrugated board is too thin, its edge compressive strength, puncture strength and compressive strength will decrease accordingly. The thickness of corrugated board varies with the type of corrugated board

the thickness of corrugated board refers to the vertical distance between the top and bottom of the corrugated board under a certain pressure. The laboratory usually uses the corrugated board thickness gauge to detect the thickness of the board. When measuring, select several parts on the board that are free of damage, indentation and tile collapse (not less than 50mm from the edge) as the detection points, place them between the measuring head and the anvil respectively to stop measuring at the vertical and stable position, and read the measured value of the dial indicator respectively. The number of samples is generally 10. Finally, the average value is obtained, which is the inspection result. The thickness of paperboard is large, so the vertical compression resistance and plane compression resistance of cartons are correspondingly high. Therefore, the thickness index of corrugated board is a test item that can not be ignored in the production process

the corrugated board thickness test is different from the paper test method in terms of relevant test parameters. The cardboard thickness test should use a range of 0mm~18mm, the contact area between the chassis and the movable plane is (100.2) cm2, and the unevenness between the measuring planes should be within 1/1000 of the diameter of the circular chassis. The pressure exerted by the columnar active plane is (20 0.5) kPa

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