Operation mode of the hottest drop machine

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Operation mode of drop machine

operation mode of drop machine

1. Forming shrinkage: pa6-0.8 ⑵ 5%、PA66⑴. 5⑵. 2%; Connect the power supply: AC380V 50Hz three compartment five wire

2. Turn on the power switch to the on position (at this time, it is strictly prohibited for personnel without professional training to enter the yellow warning line to do any relevant test operations, and it is very dangerous to stand under the arm of the testing machine by using the manual conditioning oil circuit to pressurize or unload and control the valve opening), the power indicator light is on, and the instrument enters the bending standby state with different diameters after self inspection

3. Set the required height, press the I key until the J2 menu surface, and set the required height (unit: mm); Press 1 for each bit when setting the height; Press 2 for each bit; Press 3 for hundreds; Press 4 for 1000; Press 5 for ten thousand bits; Press 6 for 100000 bits; After the height setting is completed, press the I key continuously until the current test is completed and the standby state is OK (note that the instrument has been adjusted when the machine leaves the factory. Except for setting the height by yourself, other parameters should not be changed, otherwise failure may occur)

4. Only one month after the height setting is completed, place the object to be tested on the test board, and fix the fixture (Note: two people must complete the test) according to the required surface, angle and edge

5. Test method: when pressing the rise key to raise the set height, it will automatically stop rising. At this time, it will enter the state to be tested (the operator leaves the test area) and press the drop key. The test object will fall freely and the test is completed

remarks: if there is an emergency, please do not handle it by yourself. You can notify the manufacturer or seller to avoid accidents

technical performance of the equipment

a. the fully automatic single wing design ensures the free separation of the bracket and the sample, realizes the free drop of the packaging sample, has small impact vibration, is stable and reliable, and is the real completion of the face, edge and angle drop test

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