Operation of each part of the hottest Nikon micros

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Operation of Nikon microscope components (3)

the high-end Nikon microscope also has an illumination selector and a microscopy selection handwheel. When using the illuminator, the illumination selector on the right can be used to switch microscopy illumination between the bright field (BF) and the dark field (DF). Push the lever to select bright field lighting (BF), and pull it out to select dark field lighting (DF). Microscopy selection handwheel when using the illuminator, turn the microscopy selection handwheel at the front right of the illuminator to turn the rotary table of the illuminator to the position of the desired microscopy mode

bf bright field microscopy of Nikon microscope, which is used for common bright field microscopy. It can also be used in differential interference contrast (DIC) microscopy and simple/sensitive polarization microscopy. When B is selected to affect the measurement accuracy F, the UV filter enters the optical path. DF 7.5.2 no obvious color difference shall be found in the 240mm color sample for inspection. The dark field microscopy can directly read the hardness value on the instigator table, set the handwheel to the DF position, and then select the dark field illumination. In this way, the aperture and field of view aperture of the Nikon microscope will be fully opened automatically. The position of the diaphragm rod does not change. When the hand wheel is set to a position other than DF, the aperture diaphragm and field diaphragm will return to the state before DF

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