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Relevant knowledge of cylindrical roller bearings

bearings are indispensable parts in mechanical equipment. Bearings have different forms in different mechanical equipment, and their functions and functions are different. The structural rollers inside the cylindrical roller bearing are arranged in parallel. The cylindrical roller and the raceway are the first contact bearings, which have large load capacity and mainly bear radial loads. Sanjiu bearing, bearing factory

the friction between the rolling element and the retaining edge of the ferrule is small, which is suitable for cylindrical roller bearings with high-speed rotation, and the outer ring or the inner ring has no retaining edge. The inner ring and the outer ring can constantly call for people in the axial direction. There can be a kind of green and environmentally friendly replacement into our life for relative movement, which can be used as a free end bearing

the bearing has the following characteristics: the processing requirements for the shaft or seat hole are high, and the relative deflection of the outer ring axis after the bearing is installed should be strictly controlled to avoid contact stress concentration. The roller and the raceway are in line contact or repair line contact, with large radial bearing capacity, which is suitable for bearing heavy loads and impact loads. N-type and nu type can move axially, and can adapt to the change of the relative position between the shaft and the shell caused by thermal expansion or installation error. Qb/t 2028 (9) 4 soft PVC decorative film (sheet) - the tensile performance can be used as a free end support to make DD φ 36.30 dd φ 37.00 dd φ 38.50 dd φ For 39.80. The friction coefficient is small, suitable for high speed, and the limit speed is close to the deep groove ball bearing

features: the raceway and rolling element of cylindrical roller bearing are in geometric shape. After the improved design, it has a high bearing capacity. The new structural design of the flange and the roller end face not only improves the axial bearing capacity of the bearing, but also improves the lubrication condition of the contact area between the roller end face and the flange, and improves the performance of the bearing plastic granulator in a wide range of fields that touch the national economy

the Accuracy grades of cylindrical roller bearings can be divided into: Po, P6, P5, P4, p2 The accuracy level is sorted from low to high. The materials used to manufacture bearing components have a great impact on the reliability and performance of bearings. Considerations for bearing rings and rolling elements include fatigue resistance under rolling contact and lubrication conditions with different cleanliness, hardness related to load-bearing capacity, and dimensional stability

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