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Haolilai's knowledge management

there are many fish living in the pond, and they have been living a quiet life compared with many curves. Until someone moved to live by the pond, their peaceful life was broken, because someone often came to the pond to fish. As a result, there are fewer and fewer fish in the pond, and the fish are very nervous. However, the fish found that few of the printed products of the fish living in the east of the pond could reach the scale of centimeters or more and were caught away, so everyone went to ask for advice. The fish living in the east of the pond don't know why. Everyone held a meeting to analyze that the fish living in the east of the pond are all Grasscarp. They only eat grass for a living. It turned out that because Grasscarp only eat grass, the earthworms used by fishermen are useless. This excellent experience immediately spread among the fish. Everyone would not eat earthworms suspended in the water, and few fish were caught away

how do fish reduce being caught away? Analyzing the change of fish from being caught in large numbers to being rarely caught, we will find that the reason is that fish analyze and explore the phenomenon that fish in the east of the pond are rarely caught, find out the reason, and promote it in the fish school. In other words, it is a process of analyzing, mining data and experience, mining tacit knowledge into explicit knowledge, and promoting it. This is what we usually call knowledge management. For enterprises, knowledge management is the process of capturing the knowledge and skills of an enterprise -- whether they exist in databases, printed on paper, or in people's minds -- and then distributing these knowledge and skills to any place that can help the enterprise achieve the maximum output

the fish in the story are smart. They know how to learn from experience and avoid making the same mistakes in the future. In connection with the operation of our enterprises, we will find that our enterprises often make the same mistakes. An error has occurred in an enterprise. With the change of personnel, it may occur again in the future. The excellent experience of employees has not been used, disseminated and precipitated in time. With the loss of employees, the company has lost a lot of knowledge resources, and a lot of training costs often become personal weights when employees change jobs. Therefore, it is very necessary to introduce knowledge management and strengthen knowledge management in both large and medium-sized enterprises. However, in the actual operation process, there are a series of problems on how to implement knowledge management, let employees consciously use knowledge management system, how to carry out knowledge mining, and how to combine with the company's strategy

like ordinary enterprises, hollylays faces the same problems. In order to effectively solve this problem, Haolilai company has effectively introduced knowledge management after more than a year of management practice, and it is well combined with the company's human resource management system, which provides us with a good case. It has a lot of reference for the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises, especially the rapidly developing enterprises

Holly's demand for knowledge management

the strategic focus of holly's company, which mainly operates cake shop business, has always been clear, that is, to establish its own sales terminal and rapidly expand and occupy the market. For nearly a decade since its establishment, Holly's has used the high-speed cash flow of the chain business model to weave a huge retail network. At present, it has more than 5000 employees, opened more than 200 chain stores in more than 50 cities across the country, and built modern food industrial parks in Beijing and Shenyang to meet the market demand for moon cakes and packaged food

with such a good foundation and resources, Haolilai has slowed down the pace of rapid expansion and occupation of new cities in the past year. The real reason is not the lack of market opportunities, nor the lack of funds, but the growth rate of internal employees can no longer meet the human resource needs of the company's expansion and development. The life of chain stores lies in standardization and replication of business models. However, due to the wide range of regions, the traditional training methods have been challenged. Haolilai has its own training school, and its teachers and scale can accommodate more than 200 trainees at one time. This method is very effective for the three-month pre service training of new employees. However, for on-the-job managers and employees, it can only be convened once or twice a year for centralized training, which will not only cost a huge amount of training costs, but also take a short time, The effect of training and the amount of information are far from meeting the needs of staff development and learning

"human" is the carrier of knowledge, and the real value of "knowledge" comes from "sharing". The growth of enterprises and employees needs to cultivate and form a learning atmosphere and a culture of knowledge sharing, so as to accelerate employees' learning, creation and application of knowledge and experience. Haolilai has accumulated a lot of professional knowledge and experience in ten years of exploration and practice, but it is difficult to spread and promote because of its vast coverage. At the same time, the speed of market change is accelerating, consumers are becoming more and more mature, and competitors are growing. In order to stabilize the leading position in the market, the company's strategy must be adjusted at any time. Every time the trade friction in the field of raw materials increased significantly in 2014, the shift of slightly key points means that the experience and knowledge accumulated by the company in the past will be comprehensively updated. Therefore, Haolilai needs a new mode and method to promote the growth of employees, Combined with the company's strategy, constantly updated knowledge, experience and information will be continuously input to each employee, providing a clear direction and good conditions for employees' learning

knowledge management planning

good performance requires several conditions -- knowledge, skills, values -- so knowledge management needs to be carried out around the two topics of knowledge and skills in order to lay the foundation for good performance. The consultant and the manager of holly's company plan the knowledge management system of holly's company in combination with the current situation of holly's company and the requirements for knowledge management. Due to the industry nature of holly, Holly chose the separation of knowledge and people -- coding strategy. That is, knowledge is first extracted from developers and separated from them

in order to better integrate knowledge management with the human resource management system of holly's company after the implementation of laws and regulations, the knowledge management system of holly's company is divided into several modules, each module realizes different functions:

professional knowledge function module

job analysis of key positions on the basis of analyzing the company's strategic policies. Identify the professional knowledge required by key positions to fully realize their functions. Then refine, summarize, summarize and screen professional knowledge to form key posts

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