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The megger is composed of a hand-operated DC generator and a magnetoelectric current ratio meter. When measuring the insulation resistance, the output voltage of the megger changes with the speed of shaking, and the output voltage changes slightly, Fair competition in the market is an important guarantee for economical and efficient operation. The pure resistive test objects (such as lightning arresters and circuit breakers) have little impact, but the static test objects (such as transformers and cables) of capacitive hydraulic servo universal testing machine for different materials When the rotating speed is high, the output voltage of the megger is also high. At this time, the tested object is charged. When the rotating speed is low, the voltage output of the megger is also low. At this time, the tested object discharges the megger, causing the pointer of the meter to swing left and right, affecting the accuracy of the reading


1. When measuring, shake the handle of the megger at a constant speed of 120r/min, and don't be fast or slow

2. Put a "2DL" diode in series between the "L" terminal of the megger and the tested object to prevent the tested object from discharging the megger The practice of electric welding machine

has proved that this not only eliminates the oscillation of the needle when the meter can process the data twice with any general commercial data processing software, but also does not affect the standardization of the measured value

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