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As has been reported, the publication "intermediate station" on developing the future potential of the printing industry was displayed at drupa printing Expo. This is a loose leaf collection jointly produced with MAN Roland under the initiative of Stuttgart Institute of printing and media. The purpose of making loose pages is to update and supplement content frequently. In order to investigate the demand for knowledge, the design team of the school of printing and media conducted (unrepresentative) surveys at drupa Expo

in order to further develop their work and provide "intermediate station" in succession according to the needs of service objects, college students asked the following questions to subscribers of professional publications at drupa Expo:

* what is the process of enterprise value creation

* which aspect has the greatest information demand

* where do you plan to hire people

* how to meet the information needs of enterprises at present

as expected, most of the 241 printing enterprises questioned showed the key process of creating value: prepress, printing and post press processing. Only 51 Enterprises questioned have special binding and finishing processes. One third of enterprises attach importance to the practical development of how their enterprises can become media suppliers, because these 83 enterprises use cross media data processing

in terms of information demand, attention to prepress technology is dominant. In addition, printing and cross media data processing have also attracted widespread attention

the top priority is to get information about the digital workflow, followed by the optimization of the printing process and the provision of additional services for Internet

How about judging whether the sensor signal is normal? At this time, the feedback signal of the displacement sensor must be disconnected.

the demand for economic information is very balanced. Whether it is sales, management information system, or management and organization problems, we all hope to acquire more knowledge. Only in personnel management, the demand for information is significantly less. This is undoubtedly the role played by the nature of small and medium-sized enterprises

considering the relationship between these problems, we can draw the following conclusion: printing enterprises that have mastered cross media data processing are of great interest. When we observe all enterprises that use the printing process, we will find that this interest is less, but it remains at a high level

the zero indication displayed has no drift or change.

all types of printing houses are very active in the discussion of management problems and management information systems

the information demand for digital workflow is particularly large. Most enterprises expressed great or great interest. However, those enterprises that have not been engaged in the post press finishing and sending process are not interested in this information. Printing technology and interactive media rank first in terms of employment

the demand for information is mainly met by professional magazines (accounting for 85%), and seminars account for 50%, ranking second

the information and interactive media of the association account for 38% and 36% respectively, ranking third and fourth, and textbooks account for only 20%. Perhaps textbooks do not provide enough information

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