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A series of knowledge of coating materials (I)

moisture proof film coating materials

in recent years, with the birth of various new high molecular polymers and the successful development of high-efficiency coating pots, film coating technology has developed rapidly, and there is a trend to gradually replace sugar coating technology. Traditional Chinese medicine tablets, pills and granules in China have the disadvantages of strong hygroscopicity, easy to crack and mildew due to the diversity of their components. How to make Chinese medicine fully soaked, semi Extract Tablets, raw medicine powder tablets, and even Chinese medicine granules 2 Experimental force grading: stepless speed regulating particles and pellets have good moisture resistance without affecting their disintegration, which is an important topic in the development of film coating materials. At the symposium, Professor Shen pingniang from the National Engineering Technology Center for presetting the pharmaceutical cycle of traditional Chinese medicine introduced their research work on a moisture-proof film coating material

the factors that affect the moisture resistance of film coating materials include the formula composition of coating materials and the preparation process of materials. A complete film coating material usually includes film-forming polymer materials, plasticizers, pigments and additives (surfactants). In order to improve the moisture-proof performance of materials, one or several film-forming materials can be selected, and the proportion of materials can be determined by calculation and verified by experiments, so as to ensure the uniformity and compactness of the film and the appropriate repulsion to water in the environment. Plasticizers and other additives are introduced to improve this effect. Researchers used a new type of water-based polymer combined with other polymers, showing stronger moisture-proof ability than other single polymer coating materials, even the alcohol soluble formula is no exception. What is more superior is that it has good disintegration performance, and the coating material process is smoother and the production operation time is shortened by selecting appropriate surfactants

in addition, scientific and reasonable preparation process is the guarantee to fully reflect the properties of materials, such as the stability, uniformity and true reproduction of material color. In the preparation of film coating materials, how to ensure the sufficient and appropriate dispersion of each component is the key. The coating material is a composite formula, in which there are insoluble particles. How to make these insoluble particles evenly dispersed into the colloidal solution to form a stable suspension, so as to form a uniform and dense continuous film through the process of spray and drying, is also a key factor affecting the final moisture-proof effect of the product. Researchers have achieved the above technical requirements by ultrafine grinding and coating modification of some materials, especially mineral fillers. Through the micronization and surface modification of fillers, the compatibility between mineral powders and polymers is improved, and the good optical and visual effects of coated products are greatly increased

through the full consideration of the above two factors, the researchers developed two film coating materials with different moisture-proof capabilities -- the ordinary moisture-proof film coating material tf-nmp and the enhanced moisture-proof film coating material tf-emp, and carried out experiments on many varieties of traditional Chinese medicine tablets (Biyankang tablets, anther tablets, Sanjin tablets, keting tablets) under the same environment and packaging conditions of plastic bag packaging, 37 ℃ and 75% relative humidity, Inspect its moisture resistance. Through the application of the two moisture-proof film coating materials developed in four varieties, the results showed that the moisture absorption and weight gain rate of the two samples slowed down in varying degrees, especially in Sanjin tablets and keting tablets

factors such as formula composition and preparation technology have certain significance for guiding the development of moisture-proof film coating materials. The application of moisture-proof film coating materials is very important for improving the moisture-proof ability of solid preparations of traditional Chinese medicine, improving its stability (directly related to the shelf life of drugs) and reducing the requirements for packaging conditions. However, the slowing down of moisture absorption rate and the quantitative data of drug shelf life need to be verified by a complete stability investigation experiment. It should be noted that caution should be taken when comparing the moisture-proof test results of different varieties, because different varieties of traditional Chinese medicine have great differences in the moisture absorption capacity of their cores, and there will be differences in the surface area of the cores, so that the data do not have the same basis for comparison. This also instigates the light to light up, suggesting that when preparing a coating process solution for a traditional Chinese medicine preparation, we must first fully evaluate the nature of the chip core and understand how to select appropriate film coating materials and process parameters to make its moisture-proof performance meet the corresponding technical requirements, rather than blindly pursuing the strongest moisture-proof ability

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