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Crystal glass mosaic purchase knowledge [figure]

several aspects should be paid attention to when selecting crystal glass mosaic

nowadays, crystal glass mosaic is more and more favored by consumers, and manufacturers have also designed mosaic series products of different styles and colors for different home decoration styles and different spaces: round, diamond Exquisite series like chicken blood stone and hand-painted color series have colorful circular mosaics, which are suitable for European style decorated rooms, as well as diamond crystal mosaics made of different colors such as red, yellow, red and so on. Breaking the Convention, they are especially suitable for the decoration of wine bars and other occasions, for example

for home decoration of ordinary consumers, 1 the following aspects should be paid attention to when selecting crystal glass mosaics:

for glass mosaics with stripes and other decorations, the distribution area of ornaments should account for more than 20% of the total area, and the distribution should be uniform

second, the back of a single glass mosaic should have serrated or stepped grooves, so the paving will be more firm

third, the adhesive used should not only ensure the bonding strength, but also be easy to wipe off the glass mosaic. The adhesive used should not damage the backing paper or make the glass mosaic fatigue. As a kind of detection device, the experimental machine can speed up the renewal of plastic granulator technology

fourth, under natural light, visually check whether there are cracks, defects, missing edges and corners at a height of about 40 cm from the mosaic

fifth, nine glass mosaics are randomly selected to form a square and placed flat in a place with sufficient light, 1 away from it. Visually check whether the gloss is uniform at 5 meters. If the gloss is uneven, it is easy to fade as a whole in the wet bathroom and damage the appearance of the wall

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