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The consumption demand of Pu type projectile shows the knowledge introduction of rigid Shuttle Loom Model:

the knowledge introduction of Pu type projectile loom model:

the Pu type projectile loom model is composed of five parts: Pu, nominal width, weft experiment speed, which will also be compared with low yarn color changing mechanism, opening mechanism and projectile specification

1. Pu stands for general series

2. The nominal width is expressed by the number of inches, including 85 inches (216cm) and 110 inches (279cm), representing the width equivalent to 216cm and 279cm, respectively

3. Weft color change mechanism

(1) es stands for single weft and MW stands for lalb mixed weft

(2) two color weft change mechanism: multi arm control ZSD type

(gb/t16491 ⑴ 9963) four color weft change mechanism: multi arm control VSD type, special mechanism control VSK type, jacquard control VSI type

(4) six color weft changing mechanism: dobby machine controls SSD type, jacquard machine controls sski type

4. Opening mechanism

(1) the cam (tread plate) opening mechanism has E10 type (10 Piece heald) and E14 type (14 piece heald)

(2) rotary high-speed dobby opening mechanism Kr type

(3) jacquard opening mechanism J-type

5. There are three types of shuttle specifications: D1 type, D2 type and K2 type: D1 type is suitable for general yarn; D2 type is suitable for high-end yarn and fancy yarn; K2 type is suitable for low special yarn. The D1 and D2 models are mainly metal shuttle models based on automation technology, robots, smart homes and innovative enterprises, and the K2 model is plastic shuttle model

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