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The transformation and upgrading of the coating industry to technology intensive development

in recent years, the human cost has been rising, which makes the coating enterprises as a traditional industry face many pressures, and the transformation and upgrading has become the only way for the coating enterprises to seek development. At present, the development of China's coating industry is still based on the extensive mode of high input, high consumption and high emission, which urgently requires China's coating industry to get rid of the extensive development mode

open management has become a development trend

now, it is not an era when people will buy as long as you can take out goods. For most factories, working behind closed doors is a dead end! Even Apple's market in China has declined - even if it has many "uniqueness", it has been caught up by domestic Xiaomi Huawei

new technologies, new technologies, new industries... Most traditions are gradually being replaced, and even if many factories constantly update technology, there is a risk of being eliminated. This is not an era when technology alone can lead. Only by changing the mode of development, coupled with more advanced technology, better service, clearer product positioning, more scientific management, better operation mode... Can the factory survive better in this big wave. Many paint factories in the United States have few or no workers! Their factories are basically fully automated, with a very high degree of mechanization, and there are air conditioners in the factory workshops. When we are still thinking about how to recruit cheaper labor, the United States has already entered the era of mechanization! shut oneself up in a room making a cart? Can you find that your landing gear has achieved long-term stable operation only when others fly over your head

enterprises need to provide a full range of services

if goods are compared to "beads", then the service, after-sales and convenience customers enjoy when buying this commodity are "beads". For the paint industry, why do customers choose others instead of you? Or why choose you over others? Under the premise of similar products, service, after-sales and the satisfaction and convenience brought to customers are the reasons

with regard to the re acceptance of resources, the receiving operation has a high potential. Exports to developed countries are mainly medium and low-end, which can be developed. Now many coating companies have expanded the industry to the service level, providing more comprehensive services in addition to products, such as mayinson's "packaging integration". With the great changes in the coating industry, all factories have sought the road of transformation, and better and more comprehensive services will inevitably be the choice of most factories. When customers are willing to pay for your goods, what they value is not necessarily your goods themselves, but your services. Although you may not face the situation of "returning the Pearl", please believe that the other party definitely chose your goods for that "Pearl"

move closer to technology intensive

why is China's coating industry booming and even known as the "world factory"? The main reason is probably that there is a huge market and cheap labor. But now it seems that the momentum of this "world factory" is declining - even Foxconn has moved to India

it is reported that China's labor force population (years old) will start to grow negatively after 2015, and the decline rate will exceed that of Japan! China's age structure will soon become a highly unstable inverted triangle - labor shortage, aging population, and declining economic vitality. China has enjoyed a "demographic dividend" for more than 30 years, and it seems that it is coming to an end. In addition, with the deepening of mechanization, the "robot" era will slowly come, which will be a change in factory production efficiency. The requirements for talents will also be higher and higher, and the cost of individual manpower will also be higher and higher

now is not an era that can continue to tolerate paint owners to reduce costs from individual labor. On the contrary, more investment is needed: higher salary, better welfare, better security, and the purpose of all this is to make efficiency higher and unit labor cost more competitive

in the era of great changes in the coating industry, all factories will face great pressure. In addition to the market of the whole coating industry, other factors, including policy, tax, environmental protection, management, market and so on, make the development of the factory face problems. At this moment, many factories are faced with the choice of "to be or not to be". Whether to experience pain, risk Phoenix Nirvana, or continue to develop according to the existing model

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