Analysis and introduction of common appearance dis

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Analysis and introduction of common appearance diseases of paperboard

there are many appearance diseases of paperboard, including dust, spots, marks, group coarse marks, colorful clouds, seersuckers, wrinkles, folds, dirty spots, turf, transparent spots, warm spots, holes, embossing, scars, pulp lumps, hard blocks, uneven dosage, poor uniformity, etc. Many of these appearance paper diseases are brought in by the paper materials before papermaking, many are caused by poor technical operation or poor technology in the papermaking process, and others are caused by poor background sanitation in the factory. Once exposed, some appearance paper diseases are relatively repeatable, and the electromechanical cleaning, such as rough marks and colorful clouds, will always exist if they are exposed without treatment; Some appearance paper diseases have some contingency or appear only once after a long interval, such as dirty spots, holes, etc. Some paper diseases exist, which will degrade the quality of paper, such as dust, rough marks, etc; Some paper diseases turn the paper into waste, such as offset printing with hard blocks, especially in recent years, due to the promotion of national policies, books and periodicals paper or coated paper with big dirty spots can only be disposed of as waste

the appearance quality of paperboard refers to the quality state of paperboard that can be identified only by human senses without spectrograph equipment. It can be divided into the appearance quality of the book page itself and the appearance quality of the piece of paper formed by one out of the book page or the long strip of the book page

no matter what kind of appearance quality affects the application of paper to different degrees. Low grade appearance will not only reduce the use value of paper and printing yield, but also turn paper into waste in serious cases. In addition, some serious appearance paper diseases in the paper, such as hard paper blocks, will also damage the printing plate and cots during printing, resulting in the destruction of printing equipment. The appearance quality and physical properties of paper are also closely related. For example, the smoothness and unfair opening of paper with surfaced seersucker will also be affected

the appearance quality inspection of paperboard should achieve the following three goals:

check and see the finished quality of paperboard. It mainly includes: whether the shape of the piece of paper is satisfactory, whether the size meets the standard, packaging quality and damage degree, etc

the price is reasonable, and it is limited to wires and cables. Paper output is basic paper. It covers color, average flatness, soft and tough tensile strength, smoothness and cleanliness, etc

the approximate missing rate of flat printing paper seized by spot check (the percentage of paper with surface paper disease in the total paper)

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