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Ronglian invests in "zhongtianjing" and creates a new business form of "IOT +"

recently, Ronglian, the largest domestic communication cloud service provider, strategically invested in zhongtianjing. Both sides will focus on exploring and providing in-depth solutions for IOT communication and platform management. Zhongtian will build a new IOT platform hub by relying on the core capabilities of Ronglian communication cloud service to cover the two most critical parts of IOT industrial ecology, such as connection perception and optimization control

IOT is the extension of Internet, a new way of connecting people, things and things, and people and things. IDC data shows that the global expenditure of IOT (including consumer and industrial IOT) reached US $737billion in 2016, and increased at an annual rate of 15.6% to 2020

IOT can be divided into four levels: perception layer, network layer, platform layer and application layer. It can also be understood as four main levels: hardware, connection, platform and application service. Each layer is closely coupled and mutually supported. Among them, hardware is the carrier, connection is the foundation, platform is the core, and application service is the realization of value. In the IOT industrial chain, the platform layer and perception layer are regarded as the core links of IOT

the zhongtianjing business can be divided into two systems: Tianyun service and tianwu Union. At the perception level, Tianyun service provides the connection service of the letter card of Wutong, and at the platform level, tianwu union provides a powerful platform, and then checks whether the experimental machine is solid platform technology, including equipment management, application support, business data analysis and other management services, which can be used as the centralized, processing and evacuation center of user business data flow to realize the management of terminals downward, Provide PAAS services for application development and system integration upward, collect massive data, and provide horizontal management and operation for IOT devices and vertical applications

IOT communication card:

match the industry differentiation and adapt to the customer supply chain

the difference between IOT communication and traditional communication is that it is not only a SIM card with communication ability, but IOT communication service must adapt to the customer supply chain. It needs to understand the customer supply chain and product life cycle needs and data decision-making needs. By integrating the data resources of China's three major operators and many mobile operators around the world, zhongtianjing has opened up the uplink/downlink data transmission channels, created a strong signal, high stability, safe and reliable, affordable IOT information network, realized global communication management, and provided technical support capabilities and card life cycle management. It can carry out real-time query of traffic usage at any time, and timely remind of abnormal conditions, Avoid the risk of traffic use, etc

management platform: connecting the preceding and the following, data analysis and insight

the powerful platform management of IOT can carry out equipment management and connection management, and carry out remote monitoring, setting adjustment, system upgrade, troubleshooting and other functions for IOT terminals. In addition to management, it can also provide IOT developers with communication application development tools, SMS, voice, audio and video and other API interfaces, Help enterprises and developers quickly develop, deploy and manage IOT applications

on the other hand, zhongtianjing will make use of Rong Lian's years of experience in R & D, operation, service and other aspects on the communication big data and intelligent platform to empower the IOT management platform and provide users with data analysis, data visualization and other analysis services. The market activity is poor, and a multi business automation and one-stop ecosystem is established across industries, so as to solve the practical problems of management, maintenance, operation and other practical problems faced by enterprise users in the actual application scenarios, and create a collaborative, assisted and open IOT + new environment and new business format

take the lead in three major industries, including travel, home furnishing and industry.

IOT platform has relatively significant industrial characteristics. Industrial manufacturing, smart city and smart home are the three largest fields of application. It is reported that zhongtianjing has joined hands with equipment manufacturers and integrators, hardware platform solutions providers, application platform service providers, and third-party developers to take the lead in three industries that have natural integration points with IOT communication, such as travel, home furnishing, and industry, and has had typical customer cases in these three fields, providing communication modules and platform management for relevant enterprises, optimizing enterprise operations, and truly empowering traditional enterprises, Assist enterprises in transformation and upgrading

about zhongtianjing team

the team currently has nearly 30 people, all from well-known enterprises related to operators and the communication industry. Deng muchao, the team commander, once served as the CEO of ZTE visual communication, increased ZTE visual communication users from 0 to 1 million, and also harvested 10000 communication partners all over the country, becoming the largest virtual commodity of China Mobile, said Xie Zhicheng, vice mayor of Nanjing municipal government

Deng muchao believes that IOT communication has a high threshold. 4. Change the threshold of the experimental machine industry. At the technical level, a perfect technology development and management operation platform can not be established overnight. Zhongtianjing can make a rapid breakthrough with the support of the Ronglian team, meet the needs of customers and lead the innovation of the industry. Due to the threshold restrictions in technology and resources, there are few professional service providers that can provide such a one-stop solution nationwide, which is also the reason why Zhongtian has entered this market and is full of confidence. The layout of Ronglian's industrial chain will also be increasingly complete

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