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Roman designer proposed concept printer without ink cartridge and ribbon

ming After the test, it can be automatically archived and manually archived. I giant little giant is a concept of a robot printer. The product prints by crawling. The product does not need ink cartridge, toner and ribbon. In the printing process, only Zink special paper is required. No matter how big the printing is, minigiant can move on the paper from top to bottom and from left to right through the four corner mobile system. It has overcurrent, overvoltage, overload and other protective devices, So as to print out the whole picture. This product is designed by Paula sumalan, a designer who keeps innovating and innovating in Rome

zink adopts inkless printing technology, and the printing principle is also different. The core of the product is Zink special paper. Each Zink special paper contains yellow, magenta and cyan dye crystals. At ordinary times, they are colorless and transparent. Once heated, they will change their colors and display images and words. Zink printers do not spray ink. (1) when heated, melting and mixing, this printer sprays hot gas, So his appearance is very small, and each printed one can reach photo level clarity and is not easy to fade

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