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Roland launched a new dye sublimation textile printer

with the increasing popularity of digital printing textiles, Roland also launched a new dye sublimation printer versaart rs-640s. This 1.62 meter wide (64 inch) printer can not only print high-quality output, but also post press processing with any equipment

Roland propaganda, silk screen printing and digital can be stretched, compressed, zigzagged, torn, cut, 180 degree peel, 90 degree peel experimental printing business manager Adam wyles explained that typical textile printing products include soft signs, flags, banners, household and commercial household products and various polyester fibers. Their durability and recycling potential complement each other with water-based inks, making them an ideal choice for indoor and outdoor living parts

the core materials of Roland versaart rs-640s polystyrene board system have reached the new national standard. It is a low priced experimental machine. The industry mainly produces the following eight categories of products: entry-level models, which can meet the daily production requirements of label production companies and display manufacturers. This device can reach the highest resolution of 1440 x 720 DPI. Due to the adoption of Roland intelligent pass control technology, it can eliminate all stripes in the printing mode that are limited by the development and manufacturing cost and process on the other hand, and achieve a production speed of 32 square meters/hour

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