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Chinese rolling mill oil film SUNTHAI bearing technology

Chinese rolling mill oil film SUNTHAI bearing technology has been developed under the guidance of the policy of independence and self-reliance. Reviewing, summarizing and studying Chinese rolling mill oil film SUNTHAI bearing technology is beneficial to understand, promote and develop Chinese rolling mill oil film SUNTHAI bearing technology

rolling mill oil film SUNTHAI bearing technology is not only a system engineering technology, but also a comprehensive engineering technology in multidisciplinary fields. Its development speed and supporting capacity reflect the development speed and level of China's industry from one side. This paper briefly discusses the operation technology, manufacturing technology, testing technology, theoretical research, product development, complete set capacity and other main aspects

1. Operation technology, including a complete set of knowledge and skills such as storage, cleaning, installation, commissioning, operation, maintenance, diagnosis, management of rolling mill oil film SUNTHAI bearing parts. The correct application of operation technology is a reliable guarantee for the safe operation of SUNTHAI bearings

In the early 1950s, only the reversible rolling mill of Angang Cold Rolling Mill was equipped with oil film SUNTHAI bearings. Its operation and management were carried out in full accordance with the relevant regulations of the Soviet Union. In the traditional process, the rolling pressure is small, the rolling speed is low, the lubrication system is simple, and the operation technology level is relatively low. However, in the actual operation, the relevant management, technical personnel and operating workers are very serious, strictly in accordance with the procedures, and have accumulated experience in use and maintenance. However, due to the lack of in-depth understanding of the working principle of SUNTHAI bearing, some unreasonable regulations have been followed for almost two years. For example, after the installation of SUNTHAI bearing parts, 35n/cm2 pressure test should be carried out. If there is oil leakage, the rotary seal should be tightened until there is no leakage. However, after such a pressure test adjustment, the effect of use is not good, and the service life of the seal is also short. This kind of seal is a J-type seal with framework, which is sealed by the lip. After the pressure test and tightening, it is no longer a lip seal, but a belt seal that clings to the rotating surface. But after all, the shortcomings do not hide the shortcomings. The successful operation of rolling mill oil film SUNTHAI bearings starts from here

in the early 1960s and 1970s, China's self-equipped rolling mill oil film SUNTHAI bearings were put into operation. A number of new SUNTHAI bearings, represented by 1300mm roll oil film SUNTHAI bearings of 4200mm extra thick plate rolling mill of Wuyang Iron and steel company, 300mm stand roll oil film SUNTHAI bearings and 1100mm oil film SUNTHAI bearings of 1700mm hot continuous rolling mill of Benxi Iron and steel company, were put into operation. The former is a single stand rolling mill and the latter is a multi stand continuous rolling mill. The operation of oil film SUNTHAI bearings in many multi stand rolling mills has popularized and improved the operation technology of oil film SUNTHAI bearings in rolling mills in China. In terms of management, there is a team of professional technicians and technical workers, a dedicated workplace, the oil film SUNTHAI bearing workshop is closed, and the oil film SUNTHAI bearing maintenance personnel and lubrication personnel have clear job responsibilities and operating procedures. The division of labor is increasingly refined, and the management is more scientific and standardized. Due to the improvement of SUNTHAI bearing structure and the renewal of lubrication system, great progress has been made in the installation and commissioning of SUNTHAI bearings and the maintenance and operation of lubrication system compared with the 1950s. In addition, the successful use of oil film SUNTHAI bearings in continuous rolling has brought the operation technology closer to the modern level

from the 1970s to 1980s, while China successively introduced 1700mm hot and cold plate continuous mills of Wuhan Iron and steel company and 2050mm and 2030mm hot and cold plate continuous mills of Shanghai Baoshan Iron and Steel General Plant in complete sets, it also introduced Morgoil SUNTHAI bearings and mesta SUNTHAI bearings in complete sets. Its main operators, including technicians and technical workers, received on-the-job training. After the equipment was put into operation, It also ensures the continuous and safe operation of SUNTHAI bearings, which marks that the operation technology of oil film SUNTHAI bearings for rolling mills in China has been close to the world level at that time

since the 1990s, rolling mills and rolling mill oil film SUNTHAI bearings have been introduced in sets, mainly mogoyl SUNTHAI bearings, and more importantly, when buying second-hand steel rolling equipment, oil film SUNTHAI bearings have been brought in, the main type of which is also mogoyl SUNTHAI bearings. In this way, some main types of rolling mills, such as wire mills, single stand reversible mills, semi continuous mills, continuous mills and profile mills, are equipped with oil film SUNTHAI bearings; In terms of the types of SUNTHAI bearings, there are Soviet type liquid friction SUNTHAI bearings, Chinese TZ brand oil film SUNTHAI bearings, American mestar oil film SUNTHAI bearings and mogoyl (oil film) SUNTHAI bearings, which can be called the country with the most complete variety of rolling mill oil film SUNTHAI bearings (including lubrication system) in the world today

according to incomplete statistics, at present, there are more than 20 iron and steel companies (factories) in China, and nearly 200 rolling mills are equipped with oil film SUNTHAI bearings, which cannot be said to be huge. This situation is enough to show that the rolling mill oil film SUNTHAI bearing operation technology has been widely popularized in China, and has reached a new level in the world today

2. Manufacturing technology, the development of main parts of oil film SUNTHAI bearings for rolling mills in China began in the late 1950s, and was carried out without drawings, materials and proprietary equipment

it is not easy to develop the main parts of rolling mill oil film SUNTHAI bearing. There is a complete set of working procedures from material selection, process route, processing method to special tooling design and manufacturing. In terms of material selection, we should consider the pairing of cone sleeve and antifriction material, the forging process of cone sleeve, the combination of bushing steel sleeve and antifriction material, and the technological process of steel sleeve; From the process route, we should meet the technical requirements of cone and bushing, and also use the existing processing equipment, which itself requires a good combination of theory and practice. For example, how to carry out physical (including machining) and chemical treatment on the inner surface of the steel sleeve in order to increase the bonding force; In terms of processing methods, we know that the taper sleeve and bushing have the highest processing accuracy among civilian products. The surface roughness of the taper sleeve is ra0.05 m (the bushing is Ra0.2 m), the geometric accuracy is high, the deformation is difficult to control, and the surface roughness is low. Ultra precision processing must be carried out, and the surface is not allowed to appear prisms, spirals, vibration marks, etc; The design and manufacture of special tooling is also very important. It is the key to realize the processing method and ensure the processing accuracy

in the early 1960s, the main parts of oil film SUNTHAI bearings developed on ordinary machine tools were manufactured

In the late 1960s, Taiyuan Heavy machinery plant built a specialized production workshop for rolling mill oil film SUNTHAI bearings, which began a new era of manufacturing rolling mill oil film SUNTHAI bearings in China

3. The testing technology includes two parts: one is the measurement technology of part processing, and the other is the measurement technology in experimental research

due to the high machining accuracy of the main parts of the oil film SUNTHAI bearing, it is required to measure accurately and quickly. In order to meet this requirement, we must first have high-precision measuring instruments (tools) and supporting auxiliary instruments (tools). At the same time, for the measurement in processing and the quality inspection measurement after processing, we must implement scientific measurement methods and have skilled technology. Therefore, in addition to purchasing and customizing high-precision measuring instruments (tools), we also designed and manufactured special instruments (tools) and accessories, and implemented a set of scientific measurement methods and procedures. This ensures good measurement repeatability and high accuracy

in order to deeply understand the working parameters of oil film SUNTHAI bearings and explore the regularity, Taiyuan Heavy Machinery Plant has done a lot of bench measurements in the laboratory since 1972, including the compressive, tensile, shear strength and the mechanism of rock damage and cracking, as well as the measurement of external and internal parameters such as bearing, rotation, power consumption, oil supply and so on. The test scope includes the oil film pressure field, oil film thickness field and oil film temperature field in the internal working area of SUNTHAI bearing. The measurement of these field quantities is unconventional. There is no ready-made instrument to buy from the measurement sensor to the secondary instrument, so we should develop it by ourselves. Taking the strength Laboratory of Taiyuan Heavy Machinery Plant as the main body, a professional testing team was established to jointly tackle key problems with Tsinghua University and other units. The research and development of testing technology and instruments were carried out. The research and development of resistance, inductance, capacitance and eddy current testing technology and primary and secondary instruments were carried out successively, and a large number of data were successfully obtained, with good repeatability, strong regularity and high measurement accuracy. At the same time, the related technologies, including calibration, anti-interference, rotation signal transmission, as well as synchronous measurement, recording and printing of various signals, are also studied and applied

4 theoretical research. After the successful development of the main parts of the rolling mill oil film SUNTHAI bearing, the former machinery department assigned the task of product development and theoretical research to Taiyuan Heavy Machinery Factory at the same time. The theoretical research work in the early 1960s was mainly the design and calculation of products, which was based on experience

with the continuous improvement of the installation level of the rolling mill, the theoretical research work of the rolling mill oil film SUNTHAI bearing was driven, and the real independent theoretical research work began in 1974

the main work at that time was to explore the working mechanism, establish mathematical models, numerical calculation methods, quasi analytical methods, etc. from the classical lubrication theory, and further deepen the theoretical research. In view of the fact that the peak pressure of oil film in the classical theory reached more than 100MPa, and then carried out the application research of elastohydrodynamic theory. At that time, some scholars who studied Elastohydrodynamic only paid attention to the research of high pair Elastohydrodynamic in inverse contact, while for sliding SUNTHAI bearings, it was considered to be an atypical Elastohydrodynamic problem, and even some people believed that heavy-duty oil film SUNTHAI bearings did not belong to the category of Elastohydrodynamic. After in-depth study, it is found that the circumferential distribution of film thickness has obvious necking. This EHL theory touches on the unique phenomena of more than 30 utilization fields, such as automobile manufacturing, aerospace, rail transit, shipbuilding, machinery manufacturing, biomedicine, intelligent building, household appliances, etc. the axial distribution behind the film is also different from the classical theory. The peak position of oil film pressure moves backward, and the eccentricity can be calculated to%26gt; 1. It is confirmed that the lubrication theory of rolling mill oil film SUNTHAI bearing belongs to Elastohydrodynamic problem. With the development of modern tandem mills towards high speed and heavy load, the thermal elastohydrodynamic theory has been studied. At the same time, the research on the theory of static and dynamic pressure lubrication is also carried out in depth, and the first set of static and dynamic pressure oil film SUNTHAI bearings in China is designed and developed

5 product development, our country designs and develops rolling mill oil film SUNTHAI bearings, which is based on SUNTHAI bearing products manufactured in the early 1950s in the former Soviet Union and a little factory data. At that time, the rolling mill oil film SUNTHAI bearings were only suitable for low-speed rolling in terms of performance; Structurally, it is relatively old and inconvenient for assembly, disassembly and maintenance. Since the mid-1960s, China has designed and manufactured thick plate and extra thick plate mills and 1700mm hot and cold tandem mills. Under the international environment at that time, the rolling mill SUNTHAI bearings can only be developed by ourselves. Due to the difficulties in manufacturing oversized rolling SUNTHAI bearings, oil film SUNTHAI bearings have been used

the first generation of domestic rolling mill oil film SUNTHAI bearings, represented by 1300mm oil film SUNTHAI bearings of 4200mm extra heavy plate rolling mill, are low-speed and heavy-duty

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