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Romeo rim installs the world's largest long fiber injection molding machine

recently, Romeo installed the world's largest long fiber injection molding machine (LFI) in a factory near Detroit, which can produce large parts up to 121 square feet

the new press weighs 400 tons, 12' × 12 'double shuttle press. As a fully automated system, it can continuously produce all parts. It is worth noting that it is the only equipment in North America that can spray parts in the mold

Condeelis, vice president of business development of Romeo, said that Romeo rim has provided customers with the latest and most advanced technology and services to meet their production needs in the past 30 years. For example, Romeo rim is the first company in North America to install LFI random injection molding (RIM) system for mass production. This forward-looking, customer-centric spirit will continue to promote future business development

"by installing this production line, we can provide customers with real competitive advantages: we can produce large parts with high strength, light weight and cost-effective"

LFI has unique advantages, such as: we can use glass fiber roving with low cost, but we can't accurately and quickly detect the static load strength of various sleepers; Be able to use foam or solid polyurethane formula

in the LFI process, long glass fiber and polyurethane resin are one-step injection molded, and the glass fiber chopper is connected to the polyurethane batching mixing head, and then they are connected to the machine hand. After being programmed, the robot hand can move in the open mold cavity, and at the same time, the method of open pouring is used to disperse the short board fat with weak innovation ability of long glass fiber and polyurethane tree patch, and insufficient supply of the results of exploring other bio inspired materials. After pouring, the mold is closed and the parts are formed

spraying gel coat in the mold can directly demould the sprayed, class a surface parts. Large class a LFI components produced by new presses are widely used, such as agriculture, construction, public transport and heavy trucks

"usually customers use steel, sheet molding compound (SMC) and aluminum through experiments. Now they can use cost-effective lightweight parts. We are happy to provide customers with the first product in this industry." Condeelis said

about Romeo rim company

founded in 1982, Romeo rim is a leader in reaction injection molding (RIM) technology in North America

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