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Common technical problems of Roland fj600/500/400/540/740 series photo machine

common technical problems of Roland fj600/500/400/540/740 series photo machine - I There are obvious broken lines and stripes in the printed image:

cause: the broken needle of the ink head is caused. As long as one ink hole of the pressure point nozzle is blocked, it may cause broken lines and stripes in the image. If multiple spray holes are blocked, the broken line stripes will become serious

solution: clean the ink head and plug the experimental machine. Basic functions: clean the plug nozzle

touch many kinds of copper based new material products such as copper foil, copper powder, copper strip, copper tube, printed circuit board, wire and cable

A. There are impurities in the pipeline B. There are impurities in the ink bag. Clean the ink bag pipeline

C. the ink is polluted d. There is a problem with the ink quality. Replace the ink

E. ring to control the operation environment of the motor, If the temperature is too low, install an air conditioner and improve the ambient temperature

f. the nozzle is in poor condition. Replace the nozzle

g. the surface of the nozzle is too dirty and fluffy. Clean the surface of the nozzle

h. scrape the blade, and the ink stack is too dirty. Clean the scraper, ink bag, ink stack

k. there is an air pipe in the ink bag to extract the air in the ink bag

II There are overprint dark stripes in the printed image

reasons: 1. The ink head is offset, the single ink head is oblique offset, and the positions of the two ink heads are uneven

2. The paper feeder is too tight, resulting in poor paper feeding, which causes great resistance to the y-axis stepper motor and cannot reach the standard step value

3. There are differences in the stepping amount when feeding different thickness paper


1. Please contact professional technicians to calibrate the nozzle

2. Use manual paper feeding to reduce resistance

3. Adjust the paper step setting calibration menu in the machine to increase or decrease the step value

a. nozzle disconnection cleaning nozzle

b. insufficient printing ink volume, increase ink output

c. the paper feeder is too tight, loosen the paper feeder

III During printing, the ink cart stops at both ends of the image and then presses the jaw seat lifting button for a few seconds.

reasons: 1. The computer operation speed cannot keep up with the transmission speed and printing speed

2. The transmission speed can't keep up with the printing speed when using the print port for transmission


1. Replace the computer with a faster speed. Generally, it is required to use a computer with more than 41.7g

2. 100m line transmission is adopted, and the transmission speed of network is faster than that of print port

a. the machine crashes and the machine shell is grounded

b. the computer crashes and restarts the computer

IV Drop and throw ink


a. the temperature is too low and the ambient temperature is raised

b. the nozzle is not cleaned and the nozzle is cleaned again

c. the pipe or ink bag is broken and the pipe or ink bag is replaced

d. add too much ink and the amount of ink does not exceed the ink combination

v The ink head does not produce ink


c. there is no ink (ink combination) in the ink bag to pump ink or add ink

d. the data line of the nozzle is not plugged in properly, and then plug the data line of the nozzle

e. the nozzle is broken, and the nozzle is replaced

f. the control board of the nozzle car is faulty, and the control board of the nozzle car is replaced

sixth, the ink blocking treatment


1. During the drawing process, the gradual ink breaking: this kind of ink breaking is caused by the ink bag and the nozzle.The. The reason may be that the ink bag is dirty and the nozzle is aging. At this time, the ink bag and nozzle can be cleaned. If they are not cleaned, they need to be replaced (when cleaning the water-based ink bag and ice spray, it is best to use pure water, especially black and red, and the oily ink can be cleaned with acetone)

2. The ink is suddenly broken in the process of printing, and the ink is broken seriously. If printing a solid color base map, CM is generally broken badly. This kind of ink breaking is mostly caused by ink, and most of them replace ink. (end)

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