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Romney raised billions for two consecutive months, and Obama is still lagging behind.

this year's U.S. election is worthy of the title of "the most expensive in history". Romney did not damage his image of "being handsome and rich". His camp's excellent performance in the fund-raising war has left the current President Obama's camp behind for three consecutive months. On August 6 local time, the democratic and Republican election camps in the United States announced the fund-raising situation in July. Among them, the Romney team and the Republican National Committee raised a total of $101million in July, while the Obama team and the Democratic National Committee raised only $75million, lagging behind the Romney camp by $25million

after raising a total of $106million in a single month in June, the Romney team raised more than $100million for two consecutive months. At the same time, the Romney camp's crazy ability to attract money dwarfs the performance of the Obama camp

The latest poll of real clear politics, a political station, shows that with the fierce fund-raising war between the democratic and Republican parties, the support rate of presidential candidates from both parties is also quite close. Polls from July 9 to August 5 showed that Obama's support rate was 47.7%, just ahead of Romney by 3.4 percentage points. A Gallup tracking survey just a week ago even showed that Romney had narrowed the gap between the two to 1 percentage point

Romney is sitting on a huge sum of money

according to the data released by the Romney camp, in July, about 94% of the funds raised by its core team came from small donations of $250 or less, with a total amount of $25.7 million. The Romney camp hopes to refute the remarks that "Romney is favored by big financiers"

for the significant advantage of the Republican Party in the fund-raising war, Reince priebus, chairman of the Republican National Committee, said: "when Obama vowed to improve product competitiveness that his economic policy was effective and led to the economic recovery of the United States, American voters are seeking change with practical actions. Romney successfully won the support of grassroots voters in his fund-raising in July, which shows how unpopular Obama's economic policy is."

although Romney's core team currently has a total of $186million in cash, which is a huge advantage for the Obama camp in fund-raising, it dares not relax the fund-raising process at all. This Saturday, Romney will also start a four-day bus fund-raising trip. Virginia, North Carolina, Florida and Ohio are all key states in this presidential election

compared with the continuous financial support from the Republican Party, Obama's Democratic Party seems to be in a "financial dilemma". According to the data released by the Obama camp, about 98% of the funds come from small donations of $250 or less, with an average of $54 per person. But in addition, the Obama camp did not disclose other sources of funding

moreover, the Obama camp has been silent about the total amount of cash it has. Given that the democratic camp is far behind the Republican Party in terms of its ability to attract money, Obama will also participate in two fund-raising activities this week. One of the events was held at the home of Hollywood film tycoon Harvey Weinstein. At that time, many well-known Hollywood stars attended the event to close the temperature calibration box, hoping to build momentum for Obama's re-election

Obama caught up

at the last moment, less than three months before the election day, both the democratic and Republican camps undoubtedly entered the sprint stage

from the beginning of last year to the end of June this year, the democratic camp has spent $400million to promote Obama and attract the support of grassroots voters in order to succeed in his re-election. As a result, Obama has become the fastest and largest "money burning" president in the history of re-election. Due to the huge expenditure, the financial advantage previously enjoyed by the Obama camp has been continuously weakened

looking at various expenses, as of the end of June, the Obama camp had used $46million in mailing campaign materials; The lawyer fee is $3 million under the general trend of global energy conservation and emission reduction; And TV advertising cost at least $24million; Internet advertising has used $36million

for the Obama camp, an embarrassing situation is that despite the rapid burning of money, the pro democracy super Political Action Committee (super PAC) is far inferior to its competitors in attracting money, and it is unable to replenish the funds of the Obama camp in time. Considering the support of many conservative super political action committees behind Romney, the Democratic National Committee has been calling on Obama supporters to donate actively through e-mail and other means this summer to solve the urgent need of funding backwardness

moreover, according to the provisions of the U.S. federal election law, the camp of candidates from both parties can only use half of the campaign funds raised by their parties before they are formally nominated by the Republican or Democratic National Congress. Therefore, in view of the Romney camp's strong ability to attract money, there will be no limit on the funds it uses after the upcoming Republican National Congress in August, which is undoubtedly another fatal blow to the Obama camp, which is currently in a passive situation

given the urgency of the situation, Obama is catching up. In order to raise funds, he has participated in more than 200 fund-raising activities since he announced the failure analysis and troubleshooting of the campaign material testing machine in April last year, which can be described as a "model worker" to the letter

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