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Romanian chemical company restarted disinfectant production

Luo digi24 TV station said on March 25 that Luo chimcomplex (formerly oltchim) has obtained the approval of the Ministry of health for its production of 1.25% concentration sodium hypochlorite disinfectant, completed the transformation of the industrial production line, and will officially start production in its factories in ramnicu Valcea and Onesti recently

products will be preferentially supplied to the domestic market in Romania, According to each place "After testing several hardness variants of AD1 thermoplastic K series, the disinfection needs and the degree of accuracy urgency of the public air test pressure of 0.5 (9) MPa are arranged. It is estimated that the initial output can meet the demand of 1000 tons per province. Chlorine is the safest disinfectant at present, and the use of the above concentration products is harmless to human body and the environment. Who and EPA recommend that it can be used to clean the surface of objects and kill novel coronavirus

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