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Current situation and development of sheet fed offset printing machines

I. current situation of domestic sheet fed offset printing machines

in China, offset printing has accounted for about 80%. In many printing departments, printing has been completely offset, and in addition to newspaper printing, sheet fed offset printing accounts for the vast majority of offset printing. Therefore, sheet fed offset press occupies an important position in the printing industry

China has been producing sheet fed offset printing machines since the mid-1960s. After more than 30 years of efforts, sheet fed offset printing machines have developed from scratch, from a single variety to a series of products with high, medium and low specifications. From only a few manufacturers can produce sheet fed offset printing machines, a considerable number of enterprises can produce offset printing machines. In recent years, the annual output of four offset presses has reached 1000, and the annual output of folio offset presses is also more than 2000. In addition to the most advanced sheet fed multi-color offset printing machine in the world, domestic offset printing machines have been able to meet the needs of China's printing industry. At present, the installed capacity of sheet fed offset printing machines in China is about 20000, of which more than 80% are domestic machines

the performance of domestic sheet fed offset printing machines has reached a high level. In terms of speed, we have been able to produce 15000 pieces/hour of machines that have reached the international advanced level. Judging from the printability of 130 key materials needed by the national economy, some domestic offset printing machines have approached or reached the international advanced level. In terms of automatic control, the most important advanced practical technology in the world, China has been able to produce most of it and equip China's printing industry. A few of them are already developing and tackling key problems, and will meet with users soon

although domestic sheet fed offset printing machines have made great progress, there are still many gaps compared with the international advanced level. Mainly in the stability, reliability and automatic intelligent control of the machine. In recent years, some of the "non cleaning" washing machines that Haier has officially released in the world after six years of research and development have advanced new technologies, and we have not yet mentioned them on the agenda. For example, digital offset press, water ink mixed emulsifier printing technology, shaftless transmission technology, seamless printing cylinder, etc

At the turn of the century, China is facing the development of knowledge economy and global economic integration. At the same time, China is about to enter the WTO, and the integration of domestic and foreign markets is accelerating. In such a situation, how to develop domestic offset printing machines has been concerned by colleagues in the printing industry. Entrusted by the economic and Trade Commission, the China printing and Equipment Industry Association put forward the development policy of China's printing industry before 2010. The development direction of printing is "multi-color and high efficiency", that is, "vigorously promote the application of technology and high-efficiency equipment that can print multi-color prints at one time. Improve the proportion, quality and efficiency of color printing." offset printing will still occupy the dominant position in a variety of printing methods ", "The development focus of printing press is still multi-color offset press to develop the third generation of medical echo detection equipment", "Sheet fed offset press, first of all, will form a complete series of products on the basis of improving the quality and grade of the split multi-color offset press. Appropriately develop the four split multi-color offset press and the multi-color small glue press suitable for small batch on-demand printing. 2. Technical parameters and technical performance indicators.

based on this, I believe that domestic offset press should be developed according to the specific domestic situation, combined with the development of technology and market at home and abroad.

sheet fed offset press." Color offset printing machine is large in quantity and wide in range, which should be developed as a key point. First of all, a complete series of products will be formed on the basis of improving the quality and grade of the split multicolor offset press. That is to develop a series of offset printing machines of different grades, high, medium and low, which are suitable for market needs and meet international standards, from monochrome to multicolor, and can be configured with various functions according to market needs. Medium and high-end split multicolor offset press is the top priority. According to the market demand, we should appropriately develop four open multi-color offset printing machines and multi-color small offset printing machines suitable for small batch on-demand printing. The product performance and quality objectives are: some products are close to or reach the international advanced level at that time, general products reach the middle-grade practical level, and low-grade products are phased out

the focus of the development of sheet fed multicolor offset press is to improve the level of automation, digitization and intelligent control. The emphasis should be placed on compressing the auxiliary time and improving the stability and reliability of the machine, so as to improve the practical printing efficiency. To this end, we should first solve the advanced and applicable technologies in the world, which are not fully qualified in China, and which should be developed as soon as possible, so as to make them practical, stable and reliable. Such as automatic dry adjustment of print specification changes, automatic registration, display of printing quality and faults, diagnosis and automatic adjustment, semi-automatic and automatic version loading, etc. And according to the market demand, develop supporting and auxiliary equipment, such as glazing, drying and turnover devices

China has been able to produce offset printing machines with a speed of 15000 sheets/hour, so there is no need to work hard on the speed, because although it is possible to further improve the speed, it will greatly increase the manufacturing cost, but it will not necessarily bring greater advantages. At present and for a considerable period of time, we should concentrate on solving the practical problems that still exist in order to achieve the specified operating speed, so that it can be achieved stably and reliably. At the same time, the structure and measures to shorten the auxiliary time can operate stably and reliably. Only when the actual operation speed increases, the auxiliary time comes down, and the stability and reliability are solved, can users get benefits and accept them. For a large number of medium and low-grade machines, we should work hard at the actual running speed of about 10000 pieces/hour, and solve the problems of stability and reliability at the same time. This can reduce the cost of the machine, reduce the selling price, and benefit both users and manufacturers. For machines with a speed of less than 5000 pieces/hour, we should make up our minds to update and transform them to greatly improve their performance and quality to meet the needs of market development

III. some suggestions

from the perspective of long-term development, with the development of reform and opening up, China's entry into the WTO, and the development of economic globalization, it will further promote the development of China's printing industry and offset press technology, and make China's printing industry and offset press manufacturing technology approach and catch up with the world's advanced level faster. But at present, due to the reduction of tariffs, foreign products will accelerate the occupation of the domestic market, impact the domestic offset press market, and accelerate the reorganization of offset press enterprises. After suffering and training, China's offset printing machine manufacturing industry will develop better

facing such a situation, what should our enterprise do? Relevant people believe that we should start from the following aspects:

1 Accelerate the adjustment of product structure

develop middle-range practical products with stable performance and low price to adapt to market changes. That is, first of all, stand firmly on the mid-range aircraft and withstand the impact after China's accession to the WTO. At the same time, we should speed up the development of high-end multi-color offset printing machines, so that high-efficiency, high-quality multi-color offset printing machines can really pass the test. In this regard, there is still a lot of work to be done

2. Increase investment in science and technology and improve the ability of technological innovation

the important reason why our product level, performance and quality cannot go up is that we invest too little in science and technology and do not put scientific research and technological innovation in an important position. For many years, we mainly rely on learning from others rather than our own things. Domestic qualified enterprises should concentrate on a certain number of capable and experienced high-level scientific researchers, create conditions for them to concentrate on overcoming those advanced and practical new technologies that we have not yet or have not passed, so as to make them truly stable, reliable and practical, and create their own unique technologies on this basis

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