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Ronglian Qimo helps Leke VR improve the player service experience

Abstract: VR is the hottest technology in the global science and technology circle. He said that these factors make the production speed of low-cost carbon fiber keep up with the market demand, and it is highly sought after by consumers. Driven by the innovation driven strategy, the domestic VR industry has also seen a thriving scene. As a well-known offline experience brand in the domestic VR field, Leke VR takes creating happiness for consumers as the first purpose and focuses on creating virtual

vr, as the hottest technology in the global science and technology circle, has been eagerly pursued by consumers. Driven by the innovation driven strategy, the domestic VR industry has also seen a thriving scene. As a well-known offline experience brand in the domestic VR field, Leke VR takes creating happiness for consumers as the first purpose, focuses on creating the coolest entertainment mode of virtual reality, and provides an integrated solution for the VR offline entertainment industry. At present, Leke VR services more than 1000 VR experience stores, covering major, medium and small cities across the country, and gradually extending to overseas markets. With the rapid expansion of market share, while bringing immersive experience to players, how Leke VR can effectively communicate with consulting users, quickly solve users' after-sales problems, and improve user service experience is put on the work agenda

after a period of market research, the call center platform independently developed by Ronglian Qimo based on the cloud has been recognized and appreciated by the relevant principals of Leke VR. According to the relevant person in charge of Leke VR, Qimo has rich technical experience and rigorous product design in the field of enterprise communication services. It can build a call center platform in a short time, which allows us to quickly carry out business, which is very fast and convenient

it is reported that Ronglian Qimo is the first Omni channel integrated service platform in the field of cloud communication in China. With more than 10 years of experience in enterprise communication technology, it is well aware of the communication service needs of enterprise users, refines the pain points existing in the pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales process of enterprise customer service, and introduces a series of products such as cloud customer service, cloud marketing, cloud switchboard, intelligent communication services, etc., to help enterprises communicate with users quickly and efficiently and effectively improve user satisfaction. Combined with the current business status of Leke VR, Ronglian Qimo carefully combed the work of the seats and provided a complete set of cloud call center solutions

quickly build a cloud call center to enrich user communication methods

considering the disadvantages of the traditional self built call center, such as high deployment cost, high maintenance cost and long construction cycle, Leke VR chose to build a call center platform based on the cloud. The cloud based product model of Ronglian Qimo not only helps Leke VR to have a dedicated cloud call center platform in a short time, but also saves a lot of system construction costs and hardware procurement costs

at first, the way Leke VR established communication with users was 400 customer service. In order to meet the communication scenarios of different users, Ronglian Qimo helped Leke VR set up voice, consultation and various communication methods. Through the high-quality voice call function of Ronglian Qimo, Leke VR agents can answer users' calls and make outbound calls on the page, and solve the thorny problems encountered by users at the first time. Communication is simple and convenient. Leke VR increases communication channels through qimoyun customer service to meet the communication needs of different users

centralized display of multi-channel user requests, unified response and efficient processing

Ronglian Qimo's cloud based product model has helped Leke VR build an integrated service platform for consultation, voice and multi-channel integration. Leke VR agents can easily handle user requests from consultation, voice and multiple channels on the platform of qimoyun customer service, such as pre-sales user consultation, after-sales user equipment failure repair, and cooperative user consultation, so as to save a lot of time for the agents, effectively improve the working efficiency of agents, and improve user satisfaction

powerful customized work order system breaks the service island in one fell swoop

through the powerful work order system of Qimo cloud customer service, Leke VR agents can create work orders according to user problem feedback, customize the setting fields, and record user information in detail, so as to facilitate follow-up and solve user problems. For those who can't solve the problem and need the assistance of other departments, the staff of Leke VR can assign work orders, and all records of user problems will be completely transferred to the corresponding departments. 5. Set the low temperature: see the operation manual of TCC intelligent temperature controller, which is convenient for anyone to accept and deal with. This not only breaks the service island of the Department, but also mobilizes the enthusiasm of cooperation between teams

master the real-time report statistics and effectively improve the seat service

the seat manager can query the daily work of the seat staff through the real-time report statistics function of Qimo cloud customer service, including the user source, the number of incoming calls, the number of sessions and other dimensional data, so as to have a clear view of the performance of the seat staff. At the same time, managers can predict and analyze the work report data of the seat staff, put forward practical improvement suggestions for the work of the seat staff, and improve the service quality of the seat staff

at present, Leke VR has been using Qimo cloud customer service products for three months. The relevant person in charge of Leke VR said that qimoyun customer service products are simple and easy to use, and our staff can quickly start to operate, saving our training time. The report system is displayed in real time, which allows us to keep abreast of the working dynamics of the seats at any time and adjust the service strategy in time. We believe that this cooperation between the two sides will bring different service experiences to players, improve players' satisfaction with products and brand loyalty, and expect Leke VR to create more scientific and cool virtual reality entertainment products for players

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