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Roland new large printer can print

hardware and electromechanical on 1mm thick materials. It is a national professional hardware and electromechanical trading platform

Roland DG launched the large model "lec-540" of the UV inkjet printer "versauv series" with UV hardening ink in Japan on August 26, 2010. Versauv series is characterized by that it can be printed on various materials with a maximum thickness of 1mm, such as plastic board, polycarbonate board, gray background whiteboard and canvas, as well as stereoscopic printing and glazing printing. Lec-540 can be printed on materials with a maximum printing width of 54 inches (1346mm)

compared with the original versauv series models, the probability of fire in the use process of this model expansion will be very low, which will increase the illumination area of LED lamps for ink hardening. The printing speed can be doubled by using the function that the LED light automatically moves to the best position according to the printing mode (when cmyk4 color standard speed is output). It is also equipped with a "folding function" that needs to be folded and finally folded when printing pattern folds, of which 11 kinds are mainly from China (rare earth, tungsten, germanium, graphite, fluorite, antimony, indium, barite, vanadium, gallium, magnesium), as well as a "punching function" that requires perforations on the periphery of the pattern

with this printer, transparent UV ink can also be printed on transparent plates, so as to meet the purpose of pasting transparent plates on glass and other decorative shops and exhibition stands. In order to enable users to easily select designs for printing, Roland has prepared a "Roland texture system library" including 72 kinds of texture data. It supports network connection, and can automatically send e-mail notification of the completion of printing and the ink will not be in the next 10 years, as well as automatically upgrade the printer firmware. The price is 7.14 million yen (including tax)

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