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Ronglian helped Baihe emotional hospital open a new mode of emotional mutual assistance

[but people didn't pay attention to his work at that time. It was not until 1952 when Keyon (Ke Yang) did the copper bar experiment that it was re proposed, and it was named as the Bauschinger effect when the unconfined rock sample showed contraction and destruction under the effect of longitudinal pressure] at present, it is registered on the new third board, merged with Shijijiayuan, and invested in the layout of offline wedding surroundings, etc, In the past two years, a series of frequent actions of Baihe are achieving a magnificent turn, from a single marriage and dating platform to building the whole industry chain of marriage and love, from love and marriage to wedding, emotional counseling and other fields, and step by step to build a platform in the field of marriage and love

log in to the new third board, merge with Shiji Jiayuan, invest in the surroundings of offline weddings, etc. in the past two years, Lily has been making a magnificent turn in a series of frequent actions, from a single marriage and dating dating platform to building a whole industry chain of marriage and dating, from love and marriage to wedding, emotional counseling and other fields, and gradually build a large ecosystem in the field of marriage and love

Baihe emotional hospital is the main business of Baihe recently. It has two business modules: Baihe whispers and emotional maintenance, which can be seen as a test of the public debut of Baihe emotional counseling and recovery business. From the enthusiasm of the market, it is not difficult to see that an emotional counseling market with unlimited potential is emerging. Lily aims to help those who encounter problems in marriage or making friends but do not know how to solve them through scientific diagnostic methods, find the crux of marriage and love, and give targeted professional guidance to save marriage

new challenge of online emotional mutual assistance: how to protect privacy

for many users who want to consult emotional business, privacy leakage is a permanent pain in their hearts. How to solve the problem of user privacy protection is the key to attract users to consult. Recently, the two-way callback of ronglianyun communication and the cooperation of Baihe emotional hospital have solved this problem

the callback provided by Ronglian cloud communication seems to be tailored for the pain points of the consulting industry. It realizes one-to-one voice call through two-way callback or platform call forwarding, and the called call is displayed as 400 or the platform access number of fixed line. After dialing the platform number, the user will automatically transfer to the emotional counseling expert's and start consulting. The user's and expert's are confidential, eliminating the concern of mutual harassment. In addition, the user can also enter the number and wait for the call from the platform. The callback function itself has low requirements on the network, and users can enjoy smooth and high-quality call services no matter when and where

the callback of Ronglian cloud communication protects the personal privacy of users and experts, dispels concerns about the harassment of emotional consulting business, and makes a large number of high-quality expert resources and authoritative evaluation system open to the public through mobile Internet

the relevant person in charge of Baihe emotional hospital said: Baihe emotional hospital has the first authoritative evaluation tool for systematically evaluating the relationship between love and marriage in China, which has been developed by Baihe in conjunction with the Institute of psychology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Department of psychology of Beijing Normal University and the Department of psychology of Peking University for two years. It comprehensively and systematically evaluates customers who encounter emotional problems, and finds out the core problems and psychological roots; The key to the normal operation of the emotional counseling platform is to ensure the personal privacy and service process of users and experts, rather than how many users gather on this platform. In this way, callback, a voice product, plays a key role in the entire emotional counseling industry

turn ruggedness into refinement, and ensure the quality of service

emotional counseling can be regarded as a kind of consulting service, and the whole service process is completed, so for both the service and the served, the supervision and guarantee of the service process is very important. Consulting service itself is also a kind of non standardized commodity. It is difficult to define the quality and completion degree through prior and subsequent behavior, and the cognition of both parties to the result and quality is completely inconsistent. Therefore, the whole service must be recorded to face the differences and disputes after the service

the callback product of Ronglian cloud communication records and archives the call during the call. Within the validity period of the recording, it can provide the call focus between users and experts, and can check the recording in case of disputes or other situations, so as to ensure the interests of the platform and users, and also lay a good foundation for the refinement of follow-up services

Since its establishment, Baihe emotional hospital has been committed to helping hundreds of millions of Chinese people achieve a happy marriage and family. Relying on professionalism and integrity, we have achieved the happy marriage of millions of members. Ronglian will also continue to bring more positive changes to the consulting industry with more diversified communication services, and promote the higher sensitivity of the whole industry; The more uniform the gradient change is, the closer the relationship between Hall potential and displacement is to linear development

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