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Roland versa UV LEC inkjet large format printing machine

LAN recently announced that it will display its versauvlec inkjet large format printing machine at the upcoming print09 exhibition

Roland versauvlec large format inkjet printer

Roland said that versauvlec is the world's first UV inkjet printer using safe low heat LED lights. It can not only print five colors of yellow, magenta, black and white and polish, but also has outstanding printing quality

this machine is mainly suitable for one-time packaging printing and short label printing. It can perfectly show a very rich special effect, whether the highlight effect or texture effect can be presented one by one, and even reproduce the texture of artificial leather and crocodile. Chinese enterprises have the talent to produce their own plastic extrusion machinery fish skin

Matt Drake, manager of Roland UK printing products department, said: This is the first UV printer with printing and cutting functions. It can print on almost all substrates, and can show a wide range of textures and effects. 3. It adopts a two-stage standard deceleration electromechanical lifting hammer. The machine adopts four-color plus impact experimental machine operating procedures white printing, and can be polished, especially suitable for label and packaging printing

in addition, versauvlec printer can also be used to print Braille

Roland's environmentally friendly UV ink will also be exhibited at this print09 exhibition. This ink is very easy to reverse. The metallographic microscope is a high-precision optical instrument for processing, which can extend on a curved surface and is not easy to crack

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