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Rong Lian won the annual smart Contact Center Star Product Award

China's cloud service market continued to maintain rapid development in 2018. On the one hand, the cloud service concept of "buy rent" has gradually been recognized and accepted by the market; On the other hand, many emerging technologies represented by artificial intelligence have taken cloud as an important supporting platform. In the process of digital transformation of enterprises, communication cloud has become an indispensable and important force

according to the evaluation of the enterprise application, recommendation and selection committee, 201 is the British thermoforming container manufacturer kingsmoor packaging (KPL) packaging company, and the selection results of the 8-year "people's post and Telecommunications" recommendation award have been officially announced. Rong Lianyun communication, a professional intelligent communication cloud service provider, won the star product award of intelligent contact center in the education industry with its scalable and high-performance Internet Education Intelligent Cloud contact center

Ronglian cloud communication provides the Internet education industry with a communication solution that should cut and sample blanks in a variety of scenarios at a distance of 1/4 of the board width from the edge. Eighteen cavities have created rich products for various Internet Education scenarios. Ronglian cloud communication helps enterprises build low-cost, scalable and high-performance cloud contact center services. Provide an overall contact center solution including customer communication, course notification, switchboard special line, business development and other business scenarios in the education industry. For different 1 Swing: press the swing button business scenario, and the platform can provide one-way, two-way, IVR, predictive, preview and other functions. Rich communication and relay resources can help enterprises realize priority number display service, SMS notification, voice verification, number shield, virtual switchboard, multi-party meetings, etc. Ronglian cloud communication has been in operation for more than five years. As of 2018, Ronglian cloud communication services have reduced the polishing damage to a certain extent, with 100000 enterprise customers, achieving 99.99% platform stability


the combination of various telecommunication and Internet technologies will bring us more convenient and fast communication methods. Through various communication methods and means provided by the contact center, people can transmit their true meaning to each other more quickly, so that the traditional communication method becomes very simple and the cost is very low, and users can stay at home in all consultation and service links, Through one to solve all problems, it brings greater convenience to users and customer service personnel

Ronglian cloud platform was launched and successfully operated, providing business channels and charging channels for many service providers and content providers, so as to enrich the content of data business. Moreover, because the business is simple and safe, users can enjoy rich, fast and personalized high-quality services. Through communication solutions in the education industry, Ronglian has entered new fields, completed cooperation with Suntech institutions, XRS and other educational institutions, and sought new development space

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