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Encanto was released on the 24th November 2021, and has been a huge hit on screens, especially since it was released on Disney Plus a month later, for families to stream at home. The stunning animationThe weekend stay-at-home order follows an increase of infections an, the catchy tunes, and the vibrant, beautiful representation of Columbian culture have all contributed to its huge success. The film has made just under $234 worldwide, and won the Golden Globe Award for Best Animated Feature Film this January.

Another aspect of Encanto which stands it apart from most other Disney films, is it’s diversity. For a while Disney has tried to incorporate characters from a range of ethnic backgrounds in their films, so they appeal to a wider audience. Encanto embraces this inclusion, with the characters encompassing a whole range of skin colours, truly representing the diversity of Colombia.

This film also successfully manages a portrayal of extended family, relatable to so many of us from different cultures, not before seen in Disney. For many people growing up with older Disney films playing; such as Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty; it was familiar to see the portrayal of an only child, with traditional parental figures, and the extended family were never mentioned. However, this has never been a relatable image for many families, such as my own. Encanto, however, is completely differentThe Klausen Pass, Switzerland, durin. The Family Madrigal is a huge family, with multiple cousins, aunts, and uncles; all of whom respect Abuela, the eldest member of the family, owner and creator of the single house they all live in. This is an image which is very common not only in Latina families, such as the one portrayed in the movie, but also families from other ethnicities, such as the South Asian community to which I belong. Large families all living in the same house, and having a close relationship with cousinsThe state has accounted for nearly half o, and aunts and uncles is an aspect of my culture I cherish. RELATED: South London flats to be demolished less than a decade after they were built

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