Second hand house renovation reappears Victorian S

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The living room has a small space, so there is no background wall, but it is decorated with strong colors on the wall with ingenuity, grass green and pink. The two attractive colors are superimposed with the bag of flower patterns, making the expression of the living room become charming

the wallpaper with blue background is full of realist plants and animals, making the ordinary living room live. The stained glass door, which came back from England, decorates the living room like a Victorian church

the light beige fabric sofa and various cushions make the lounge full of warmth. With candy striped walls, highly decorative accessories show the unique comfort of Victorian style space

the hall is paved with black and white tiles into geometric patterns. In the space with simple colors, a carpet covered with white dots on a red background echoes the walls of the same color up and down; Looking from the entrance porch, the space as a whole is full of vitality

bright colors are easy to cause excitement, so the bedroom chooses light and soft pink as a whole. Some delicate oil painting decorations on the wall are indispensable elements to reflect the Victorian style




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