If this is not love, what are you looking forward

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The double 12 activities continue: if this is not love, what can we expect?

if this is not love, what can we expect?

our sincerity is to give you welfare.

the last month of 2018 will usher in double 12, winter solstice, Christmas and new year's Eve. Everyone is immersed in the strong atmosphere of leaving the old and welcoming the new. It seems that the world will become different after December

in 2019, 5g network began to be commercially available, which means that the 5g era is coming

5g has faster network transmission mode, higher network speed and stronger space load capacity, which plays a basic supporting role for the interconnection of all things

what people say is: the movie is fast every second, the traffic is free, the car can really be driverless, you can also control the floor sweeping robot at home abroad, large factories and docks that are unmanned, the walls and desktops that can be connected by clicking everywhere, and all kinds of more intelligent furniture...

is it science fiction? Think of a little excited? Are you ready for the new world

but the premise is that you have to change a 5g mobile phone. Because soon your 4G mobile phone will be useless, although it may be expensive when you buy it

in the new year, the Chinese women's football team will bravely shine and compete for the 2019 French women's World Cup

looking forward to the sonorous roses blooming again on the green field, we are waiting for a summer of passion in France

girls are the hope of Chinese football

of course, the most important thing is that our republic will celebrate its 70th birthday. Hundreds of millions of compatriots across the country will witness this joyful moment

everyone has feelings for 2018 and expectations for 2019. When you think about it carefully, you feel the same at the end of each year, but your heart still yearns for this moment to be unprecedented and different

thanks for your patronage, yourong Italian home is ready to offer you unprecedented benefits and a year-end thank you that can feel full of love. It has exploded three surprises in a row, so that you can harvest a different December

the first surprise full gift

buy a certain amount of imported furniture, and give high-quality products from global famous brands in Italy, Germany, Britain and the United States

you can choose from 12 world-famous products, such as Italy Delong automatic coffee machine, Britain kewood egg beater, Germany Boya baby monitor, America xinxiuli fashion luggage, Italy SMEG fab30rr1 refrigerator, Germany Meno wkh132wps washing machine

don't you think SMEG refrigerator is really exciting

in Hayao Miyazaki's animation "the little man who borrows things", there is a SMEG refrigerator in the hero's kitchen. The only commercial brand that has appeared in Hayao Miyazaki's works is this Italian famous ware

if you don't lack any of these, you can exchange for a threshold free shopping gift certificate of the same value, log in to the cross-border mall of high-end household appliances - European top grade, and choose a new year gift for yourself

the second surprise pop back

in response to the voice of the majority of customers, during the double 11, with the preferential strength of "saving the down payment", the popular home furnishing products that sell well can start the return group purchase, and pay a small deposit, which can help you save the sky

third surprise new product group purchase

yourong - Italian house selects 12 fashionable new products that amaze the world and please you at a price as low as 30%

the new year is coming, why not change for yourself? After all, people only have a lifetime, and the rest of life is very expensive. Enjoy exquisite time and don't waste it

knock on the blackboard and draw the key points. No matter which of the above activities you participate in, you will enjoy the "trench gift" for the full amount of consumption

if this is not love, what else to expect? In addition to such "trench gas" to give back, I really don't know how to hurt you

ps: if you really haven't been touched, please tell your good friend. Since you haven't turned your face, then backhand will give TA a new year's gift

2018 I wish you an unforgettable end of the year,

2019 I wish you a better era




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