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The value of the door lies in its practicality. It not only serves as an entrance and exit, but also brings warmth, safety and many conveniences to residents. Since ancient times, as the door of the eaves decoration of the house, it is the focus of the beauty of architectural form. The beauty of the door shape shows the wisdom of the door maker, and also reflects the aesthetic taste and ideal pursuit of various times. The decorative partition door is also the carrier of many cultural symbols

having nests has realized a great change in the history of human habitation. The Banpo site in Xi'an shows the "nest" ruins of this shape. Building nests and houses is the real beginning of door consciousness. The development of the door and window industry has gone through various times. Now in the commercial era, the development of the door and window industry is fast and slow. The door and window industry should always provide good services. There is a well-known saying that customers are God. If "God" is dissatisfied, how should door and window franchisees face the dissatisfaction of "God"? Nowadays, the market competition in the door and window industry is so fierce that not only the product quality is the key to win, but also the service concept of "customer is God" is the foundation for enterprises to win. Because there are many brands in the door and window industry, the market competition is very fierce, and consumers have a wide range of choices, so door and window franchisees must first pay attention to pre-sales services, strengthen the guidance of consumers, and finally promote purchase behavior. This kind of communication process is very important, and it can also fully show the responsible attitude of a brand door and window franchisee towards users

we know that service-oriented door and window franchisees must focus on customer needs, and all activities of operators must be carried out around customer needs. Now, service-oriented enterprises have changed from simple enterprise informatization to informatization, which poses new challenges to the management of door and window franchisees. Secondly, we should improve the details of in-sales service. As a customized product, doors and windows only fail to complete the whole sales process when customers place orders. Only when doors and windows are delivered and installed can the sales process be truly completed. In this process,

door and window franchisees need to fully communicate with consumers, constantly improve service details, and avoid losses to end users. Finally, franchisees of doors and windows should also do a good job in after-sales service. To effectively protect the interests of customers, quality assurance should be mouth to heart. Service, as a continuation and organic part of door and window products, its role and status are constantly improving, and has become the most fully and longest part of the brand image of doors and windows. In today's overcapacity and low threshold of the door and window industry, the competition in the door and window industry is also quite fierce

franchisees of doors and windows need to consistently adhere to excellent services and lay a foundation for their own development

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