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In the environment where the government advocates environmental protection and consumers' environmental requirements for home decoration, furniture paint "oil to water" has become a general trend. Under the common choice of the times and consumers,

-- self-evident success of word-of-mouth

under the environment of environmental protection advocated by the government and environmental protection requirements of consumers for home decoration, furniture paint "oil to water" has become the general trend. Under the common choice of the times and consumers, infinite flower water-based paint, established in 1998, has always focused on the research, development and production of environmental friendly water-based paint, and has two factories, water-based resin production and finished product production. Recently, Jiuzheng building materials network visited Mr. men Shijian, general manager of infinite flower water-based paint

as the saying goes, a golden cup and a silver cup are not as good as word of mouth. Infinite flower water-based paint is the best among the "word-of-mouth brands". It is understood that all friends who have used infinite flower water-based paint will become repeat customers and free "promoters"

Mr. door (first from the right) took a group photo with German customers from afar

for the reputation of infinite flower, Mr. door told a story: in 2014, a buyer of a furniture factory entered infinite flower and was eager to purchase a batch of infinite flower water-based furniture paint with special requirements. Mr. door instructed the production department to work overtime and complete the production with quality and quantity, which solved the buyer's "heart fire". For many enterprises, it may be just a very ordinary business, but soon after, the buyer accompanied the boss of the factory to infinite flower in person and repeatedly expressed his gratitude to the boss. Since then, both sides have become strategic partners in their careers and close friends on the road of life

Mr. menzong personally participated in the exclusive store activities (sixth from the right)

"we have always adhered to a business philosophy, doing a business and making a friend, which has taken infinite 19 years to come out step by step. I always believe that only with a solid foundation, the enterprise can last for a long time." Door always said so

infinite flower water-based paint products

loyal fans of infinite flower water-based paint The boss of a well-known wooden door enterprise said: "Our company has always been in a strategic partnership with infinite flower. In terms of environmental protection, use function, coating effect and added value, infinite flower water-based paint is absolutely second to none in the industry. Although many paint enterprises are transforming the production of water-based paint, it can't be compared with infinite flower, which has focused on water-based paint for 19 years. Moreover, door is always a warm-hearted leader, and his team's service to customers is indeed impeccable"





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