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Bluetooth Technology Alliance announced the shortlist of 2015 Bluetooth application innovation award

the shortlist highlights the diversity of Bluetooth products and market applications

Bluetooth Technology Alliance announced the shortlist of 2015 Bluetooth application innovation award at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The award aims to recognize the best Bluetooth products and applications in the current market, as well as the upcoming innovative concept prototype products. The Bluetooth application innovation award is divided into four categories, among which the breakthrough innovation Student Award established since last year focuses on recognizing the contributions of young innovators around the world to the future Bluetooth market

mark Powell, executive director of the Bluetooth technology alliance, said: the entry items for this year's Bluetooth application innovation award have their own merits, including novel and interesting devices and applications that can improve life. This year's shortlist covers almost all market sectors, including smart home, health and health care, retail, jewelry, consumer electronics, and public transport. Bluetooth wireless technology has become the main context for all these devices to connect with a wide range of iots

the shortlist of each category is as follows. Smartmat, one of the winners of the breakthrough innovation concept prototype award, is a team from Hong Kong, China

breakthrough innovative product award

busaccess, intelligent public transport applications and products (geomobile GmbH)

microsoft band, fitness tracker (Microsoft)

nova, smart flash accessories and Applications (sneakysquid LLC)

smart Kapp, Lanyulian group has transformed from traditional aluminum smelting to international high-end aluminum alloy new materials. Before the popularization of light metal materials, smart technologies

swingtracker, softball/baseball bat sports monitor

zulismartplug, intelligent plug/socket adapter (Zuli)

breakthrough innovation Application Award

cub connect, Lawn tractor and its application (cub Cadet)

oral-b application, electric toothbrush and its application (P & G)

resound smart, hearing aid and its application (resound)

riccardo application, in store beacon system and retail application (AMP media group)

breakthrough innovation concept prototype award

cobi, wireless hub and hands-free bicycle system (icradle GmbH)

fitguard, Force impact technologies

freewavz, with fitness tracking function, with the increasing demand for composite polyurethane adhesive in China and the continuous innovation of utilization methods, wireless headset (hare gear, Inc)

noke, Bluetooth padlocks (fuz designs)

oort, home automation systems and center technologies

smartmat, Yoga mat with sensing function (smartmat)

breakthrough innovation Student Award

santiago ambit, weon smart glasses

christopher Morales, bluefly

olivia siler, Bluetooth insulin pump

kenneth Shinozuka, wearable sensor for innovation in health care field

jody vankeuren, continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (CAPD) Bluetooth

sarah white, Fitwell

Bluetooth technology alliance will announce the winners of the final awards and various categories of awards at the world mobile communication conference (MWC) in Barcelona, Spain on March 1, 2015

the finalists will be highlighted in the spring media activities of Bluetooth Technology Alliance in 2015. In addition, it can also use the Bluetooth application innovation award logo in its stations, product packaging and marketing materials, and obtain the development kit provided by CSR and Nordic semiconductor

the Bluetooth technology alliance will also carry out a two-month continuous report on the official blog (uetoot cascade system includes a high-pressure cooling suppression cycle and a low-pressure cooling suppression cycle) for the works registered for the breakthrough and Innovation Student Award. The student winners will receive a cash award of US $5000, about RMB 31000

the final winner of the grand prize will receive two round-trip tickets to the "2015 Bluetooth World Conference" in April this year, as well as activity tickets and free exhibition space, with a total value of 12500 US dollars (about 78000 yuan)

about Bluetooth wireless technology

Bluetooth wireless technology is a universal wireless standard. It gives simple and safe connectivity to more and more devices. At the same time, it is also one of the core technologies of the interconnected world. With a continuously updated platform and low-power advantages, Bluetooth smart can create new application opportunities for mobile, consumer electronics, personal computers, automobiles, sports and fitness, and smart home industries. With an annual shipment of 3billion, Bluetooth devices are the preferred wireless technology for enterprise developers, product manufacturers and consumers all over the world. With the support of industry leaders, the Bluetooth technology alliance has authorized more than 24000 member companies to cooperate, develop and guide Bluetooth wireless technology

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