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[special interview of BMW 2016] focus on mixing 25 years of South Road machinery to continue to lead the new trend of the industry

[special interview of BMW 2016] focus on mixing 25 years of South Road machinery to continue to lead the new trend of the industry

information on China's construction machinery

-- Interview with Mr. Zhou Wei, marketing director and general manager of Fujian South Road Machinery Co., Ltd. (South Road Machinery)

"do not forget the original intention, build a legend", The 8th China International Engineering machinery, building materials machinery, mining machinery, engineering vehicles and Equipment Expo was successfully held in Shanghai recently. As the leader of China's construction machinery industry, Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd. has been very popular in the industry's largest event, baumachina2016. By displaying the most cutting-edge technology and the most innovative complete equipment, it has contributed an excellent feast of construction machinery to the exhibitors. What is more worth looking forward to is that this exhibition coincides with the 25th anniversary of the founding of Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd. on the first day of the exhibition, Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd. attracted many merchants to negotiate with them with full momentum, and successfully signed 12 sets of equipment on the spot, creating its best performance in previous exhibitions

at the key node of the transformation and upgrading of the construction machinery industry, the collection and editing team of China Construction Machinery Information () made an exclusive interview with Mr. Zhou Wei, marketing director of Fujian Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd. (Nanfang road machinery) and general manager of dry mixing equipment company

Mr. Zhou Wei, marketing director and general manager of Fujian Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd. (Nanfang road machinery) and MS. zhuwenxuan, deputy general manager of China Construction machinery information, cordially took a group photo

guided by scientific and technological innovation, advocating the concept of full life cycle service

at the exhibition site, Nanfang road machinery's cement concrete mixing, asphalt mixture mixing, dry mixing mortar mixing, crushing and screening, shaping and sand making A total of six series of 30 new products for solid waste recycling and treatment were lined up on the booth, showing the stability, efficiency, green environmental protection and intelligent quality of Nanfang road machinery

hzs180c high end commercial concrete mixing station

in the indoor hall, there are many people in the overall solution experience area. Merchants are very interested in the overall solution of the green building materials recycling industry of Nanfang road machinery, which integrates crushing, shaping, sand making, mixing and construction waste treatment. Mr. Zhou Wei told us that the "smart factory of green building materials" has a cutting-edge concept and will be guided by user needs and scientific and technological innovation. On the basis of providing customers with complete sets of technologies and overall solutions, soft systems such as remote service cloud platform and smart factory of green building materials will build a more efficient, energy-saving and green humanized smart factory for users

green building materials smart factory display

"Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd. launched an overall solution at the BMW show in 2014. After several years of continuous optimization and improvement, we are now considering how to ensure the longer and more sustainable use of the equipment. Based on this, we have put forward a concept of quality service throughout the life cycle. Now the concept of 'interconnection +' is very popular. Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd. advocates the concept of '+ interconnection'. Interconnection is just a tool. We use interconnection to guide production, collect and sell Selling data, remote monitoring and big data mining, but the ultimate foothold is equipment. Stable, easy-to-use and not easy to break equipment is our ultimate goal. Entity is the foundation. This is a concept of lifelong service. " Mr. Zhou Wei speaks with certainty

25 years is a quarter of a century. Standing at the historical node, Nanfang road machinery believes that this is a new starting point and a new journey. In this exhibition, Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd. put forward the theme of "25 years we only focus on mixing", and always put the concept of green environmental protection into all aspects of products. Mr. Zhou Wei also has his own opinion on the figure of 25, "According to the growth history of overseas construction machinery enterprises in the past, the 25-year-old Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd. has undergone a transformation. We have just entered a new life. We are no longer as ignorant as we were at the beginning. The previous 25 years have been the foundation laying. Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd. has done all the research and development work well. The 'internal skills' have been cultivated. The next step is the rise of ten thousand foot tall buildings from the ground. It is very worth looking forward to."

25 years of dedicated research and development, 25 years of technological precipitation and breakthrough. Behind the wide recognition of customers at home and abroad, Nanfang road machinery is the shining glory of its continuous leading industry technology. Technology is king. Mr. Zhou Wei does not deny the advantages of the enterprise, nor is he afraid of peer imitation. "We have trained our own technology R & D team, which consists of more than 200 people. In other well-known enterprises in other industries, there are talents trained and 'transported' by Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd. at the moment of transformation and upgrading of the construction machinery industry, Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd. adheres to the most basic concept, which is to constantly refer to the advantages of foreign asphalt mixing manufacturing industry, including the advanced technologies and product concepts of Europe, America, Japan and Germany. After all, western capitalist countries With hundreds of years of history, there are many things worth learning. If a product can be called a high-quality product, it must at least stand the test of a century of time,; The air pipeline and air bottle have been experimenting for a long time. The pressure should not drop significantly. Nanfang road should not have the opportunity to spur itself with a 'Millennium plan', be honest, do things seriously, focus on mixing, and never change its original intention. "

recycling treatment solutions for mixed construction waste and residual sludge

only when we go out and introduce them can we take the lead on the shoulders of giants

although China's mechanical engineering industry as a whole has faced great pressure in recent years, the asphalt engineering mixing industry, as one of the sub sectors, is relatively stable. As the market structure is still in the situation of competing for the best, how to excel in one branch, continue to lead the new trend of industry development, and effectively promote the supply side structural reform, the answer given by Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd. has won the strong support and high praise from the raw materials department of the Ministry of industry and information technology and relevant industry associations. The case is to align the positioning of domestic products with the foreign first-line standards, absorb all rivers, and learn the most mature and outstanding technologies from advanced countries, Combined with China's national conditions and reality, it introduces and invests in its own products and services, and at the same time, it has a small gap with foreign countries in terms of cost, so that it has higher cost performance and more competitive advantages in the market

when it comes to how to improve their comprehensive competitiveness under the new normal, Mr. Zhou Wei believes that the vigorous development of Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd. this year is the best example. The sales of mixing plants of many well-known enterprises have fallen sharply, and one ebb and flow - the number of concrete mixing equipment of Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd. has increased from more than 200 to nearly 400. The production capacity showed a substantial growth trend. "With the continuous strengthening of our internal skills, we have reached a new level and a higher starting point. The gap with our foreign advanced counterparts is also gradually narrowing."

Jiangxi times high tech energy saving and environmental protection building materials Co., Ltd. and Fujian Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd. held a project signing ceremony at baumachina2016. The spirit of craftsman lights up the advanced road and takes a firm step towards specialization and boutique.

if you want to do well in your work, you must first use your tools. The future is not easy to predict. However, Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd., which shines today, chooses to do well in its own right, grasp the technological R & D barrier, and grasp both soft power and hard power, We will continue to build our own mixing products with the spirit of ingenuity, and strive to make our products the first in China and the first in the world. "The so-called craftsman spirit is not a kind of skill, but a combination of technology and art, both inside and outside, and embedding art and culture into products. One can't learn the essence by imitating. What we pursue is not output first, but technology first. We don't necessarily become the largest enterprise in China, but must be the strongest one. In order to achieve this goal, Nanfang road machinery will not be satisfied with its current achievements, but will consider whether it can compete with other enterprises The industry has gradually widened the gap. Can we ensure that we can continue to lead the industry in five years and ten years? " Mr. Zhou Wei said so

businessmen visit the concrete equipment model of all environment-friendly commodities

learn from, improve, break through, innovate and grow... Only by not forgetting the original intention can we build a legend. Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd., with the spirit of ingenuity, has continuously produced epoch-making new products in the process of absorption and creation, and its 25 years of dedication to the mixing business has made Nanfang road machinery a series of extraordinary achievements, conquering its peers and businessmen at home and abroad, In the face of the numerous orders at the exhibition, Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd. is determined to do better than the original, do fine in the subdivided fields, take mixing as the core, gradually extend to the raw materials, and continuously improve the functional performance of the products. The servo valve principle of the microcomputer screen hydraulic universal testing machine is based on the customer's demand: take a firm step towards the road of specialization and high-quality products, We are committed to growing into an internationally competitive giant in the asphalt mixing equipment industry and truly stand in an invincible position in the market, which is also the best return to customers

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