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BMW's new m340i preview released new LED headlights

original title: BMW's new m340i preview released new LED headlights


the preview of the new generation BMW 3-Series m340i has surfaced. The car will appear at the Paris auto show in October. The car will be launched in the United States next spring. In 2020, 340i, hybrid models and station wagons will be launched one after another, and finally the new m3 will be launched.

from the picture, this picture shows the headlights and LED daytime running lights of the new m340i, and a chrome plated edge can be seen through the cover Edge of the iconic "double kidney" forward air grille. In addition, recently, BMW has held an unprecedented open attitude towards all new 3-Series products. It even released its official spy photos of testing prototype cars worldwide and announced the specific models

can realize complex multi-step nested loop control Functions such as automatic return, automatic fracture judgment and automatic zeroing can be set.

like other products of the new series 3 series, the m340i announced in advance weighs about 55kg less than similar products of the previous generation 3 series. In addition, the engineer also optimized the vehicle body structure, which not only improved the body stiffness, but also maintained the perfect weight distribution of 50:50; At the same time, the center of gravity has been lowered by 1cm. In addition, it will be lowered by 1cm after sports suspension. The lower body means more extreme handling

in the interior, the car adopts an octagonal full LCD dashboard similar to the 8-series coupe, which is composed of two semi elliptical dashboards. Similar to Aston Martin, the counterclockwise tachometer looks very cool. Through the instrument panel, we can see that the maximum speed of the new car is 7000 rpm and the maximum speed is 259km/h

in addition, when developing the new 3 series, BMW also developed a new damping system, adding a hydraulic rebound suppression device inside the front shock absorber, which can increase the damping of the top travel of the suspension during compression and rebound. The rear shock absorber has a similar structure, only acting on the bottom travel of the suspension. The newly designed shock absorber can effectively improve the attitude control of the vehicle body when the vehicle is heavy loaded or bumpy. However, the virtual rolling center of vehicles will become lower and the rear wheels will become more neutral. Coupled with the enhanced grip of the front wheels, the rear of the new car will become more flexible. At the same time, this set of suspension is expected to be about 12% harder than the cash 3 series

the new generation of BMW 3-Series power prediction model engine model maximum power peak torque 320ib48 2.0T in-line four cylinder turbocharged engine low power 135kW (184ps) 270n ・ m330ib48 2.0T in-line four cylinder turbocharged engine 188kw (255ps) 400N ・ mm340ib58 3.0T in-line six cylinder twin turbocharged engine 265 kW (360ps) 495n ・ m hybrid model unknown unknown unknown m3s55b30 3.0T in-line six cylinder twin turbocharged engine 317kw (431ps) 550n ・ m

m340i is expected to be equipped with b58 3.0T turbocharged in-line six cylinder engine, providing 265 kW (360ps) maximum power and 495n ・ m peak torque. In terms of transmission, the new car will be equipped with rear wheel drive and ZF eight speed automatic transmission, while xDrive all wheel drive can be provided as an option


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