The hottest BMW dealer in Germany realizes remote

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The largest BMW dealer in Germany realizes remote interconnection

the new wired and wireless integrated network establishes a high-performance connection between Menton remote site and the host computer of the company headquarters

the network scheme adopted by Menton automobile has become a reference for the authorized dealers of BMW to deploy their networks

the network products from Alcatel lucent enterprise communications build a high-performance network connection for the largest BMW dealer in Germany

BMW Menton automobilcenter, one of the largest dealers in Germany, recently deployed a new wired and wireless integrated network infrastructure based on the network equipment of Alcatel lucent enterprise communication, connecting its data center of Menton headquarters in roetlingen with the sites of three distribution stores. This end-to-end network infrastructure is of great reference significance, and has also been adopted by many auto dealers and implemented in their network deployment

Hermann Menton has been selling BMW since 1932. It is one of the longest cooperating dealers of BMW in Germany and one of the largest dealers of BMW. At present, Menton has distribution points in roetlingen, Tubingen and bad Urach in southern Germany. Menton hopes to deploy a set of high-performance network infrastructure to establish reliable communication links between different distribution points, improve communication efficiency and support its further business development needs

2. As the jaws of hydraulic universal testing machine are often used,

nds netzwerksystem GmbH is a long-term cooperative channel business partner of Alcatel lucent enterprise communication in Germany, and it has outstanding strength in network design. For the network deployment of Menton this time, NDS has specially designed a network architecture scheme with unified access capability in the application of small panel control system to control and collect original data on OmniSwitch 6450 series switch and OmniSwitch 6850e series switch product basic experimental machines. By deploying 10 Gigabit connections for all hosts, Menton's sites are free from the impact of long-distance cabling, and high-performance interconnection is realized. In addition, the network scheme provided by NDS integrates all functions and components under a unified architecture, which also provides great convenience for network management


Peter Steuer, enterprise communication account manager of Alcatel lucent, said:

in this way, nearly 10 billion waste pen cores will be produced every year.

Menton's Research Institute 3. The selection of universal material testing machine for steel plate is as follows: the new network architecture of the Department is very successful. It not only has excellent network equipment performance, but also makes full use of the excellent network scheme design ability of our partner NDS company, The networking scheme has also become a reference model for other automobile dealers' network deployment. At present, NDS has successfully signed network deployment agreements with more than 20 BMW dealers in Germany

Carsten pleyer, it manager of Menton, said:

the new network we deployed this time integrates all functions and components under a set of architecture, which greatly facilitates our network management and monitoring. This is also one of the main reasons why we finally chose this network scheme

nds netzwerksystem GmbH CEO Jochen F. Fischer said:

the network scheme we provided for Menton is an end-to-end complete network. All components are compatible with each other and do not need to be debugged after installation. Therefore, it has been followed by various automobile dealers

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