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BMW's logistics management center

the newly built logistics management center of BMW car production plant in Regensburg can provide reliable logistics support for the production of two series of cars at the same time, greatly improving the production capacity and adaptability of the plant

after the completion of its new afterloading line, the BMW car factory in Regensburg decided to build a new logistics management center to expand the production capacity of the enterprise in order to solve the problem of the long distance between the new afterloading line and the three-dimensional warehouse for storing afterloading small parts

eisenmann Engineering Design Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "e" we are shifting the focus of development from spandex to Eisenmann in the field of new materials such as aramid) Undertook the design and manufacturing tasks of the logistics management center, including designing and manufacturing the three-dimensional warehouse of the logistics center and installing the material transportation system

in order to complete the relocation from the old warehouse to the new warehouse without interrupting the automobile production, the material supply of the new logistics center must be carried out simultaneously with the relocation of the old warehouse, that is, all auto parts that cannot be supplied due to the relocation of the old warehouse must be immediately provided by the new three-dimensional warehouse. For this reason, Eisenmann company and BMW car manufacturer have made a thorough scheduling plan for the supply of parts between new and old warehouses. At the same time, they have formulated a strict project schedule to ensure that the hardware facilities and control software of the three-dimensional warehouse can be completed on schedule. In this way, on the vacant land vacated after the relocation of the old warehouse, batches of parts used in the new assembly line are placed in good order. Within nine months, without any impact on automobile production, a new logistics management center including two warehouses was built

two warehouses

in addition to one newly built logistics management center containing 37000 shelves, each shelf is 40cm in size × In addition to the 60cm AKL automatic small parts warehouse, there is an HRL three-dimensional warehouse with 6750 shelves. During the working hours of two shifts per day and seven hours per shift, an average of 2800 turnover boxes containing auto parts were transported from the HRL three-dimensional warehouse, that is, the HRL three-dimensional warehouse was updated once every three days

similar update cycles are the same for AKL automatic small parts warehouse. The warehousing of parts and components in the two warehouses is carried out in accordance with the principle of "every step of the way", that is, as long as the shelves are free, the warehousing materials will be put in. The randomness of this principle is very strong. Its advantage is that the utilization rate of warehouse area is high, almost reaching 100%. There are 2000 different kinds of auto parts stored in HRL stereoscopic warehouse and AKL automatic small parts warehouse. In this way, the storage capacity of the new logistics management center has been greatly improved, which is enough to meet the requirements of the BMW car factory in Regensburg for an annual output of 247000 cars

in the HRL three-dimensional warehouse, there are 13 rack conveying machines, which are specially used to transport goods turnover boxes. Their movement speed is very fast: the horizontal movement speed can reach 3m/s, and the vertical movement speed can reach 1m/s

different storage methods

for different parts, the new logistics management center adopts different storage methods: for parts whose dimensions and specifications are consistent with the standard turnover box, parts without labels, and parts that are not timely supplied, such as anti lock devices, lights, brake mechanisms, etc., the material transportation channel directly from the material warehouse will be sent to the HRL three-dimensional warehouse; Small parts, such as screws, nuts, electronic controllers and electronic components, are sent to AKL automatic small parts warehouse; For the parts and components that need to be supplied in time, the pre assembled semi-finished parts and components, as well as the special parts and components specially customized by the user, such as the automobile engine, the "transformer" liushiyi speed reducer, seats or bumpers, they shall be directly transported to the installation site by the freight car; For some automobile parts that are not suitable for transportation in the logistics transportation network, such as specially customized automobile windshields or rear silencers of COMAC, the implementer of cr929 project, which has cooperated with COMAC and the Russian United aviation manufacturing group in late March, they are inspected at the special parts inspection station from the material warehouse and transported by FTS ground transport vehicles or forklifts to the special parts warehouse not far from the rear loading line for storage, In order to be transported to the assembler in time

sent to the assembly line

under normal circumstances, the production line calls materials every hour. All material calls are carried out through the main control computer of the logistics management center, which also provides necessary data information for the control computers of each subsystem in the logistics control network. All turnover boxes filled with materials are first transported to the batching center of the two post loading lines, and the batching center distributes these auto parts to 26 installation stations. The total time from picking up the goods from the warehouse to transporting the auto parts in place shall not exceed 0.5h

in the batching area, there is a batching conveyor belt network with a total length of 1400m. The conveyor network has two conveyor belts with high degree of market access certification for aluminum intensive processing products of different Yulian groups. The higher conveyor belt continuously transports turnover boxes filled with auto parts, and the lower conveyor belt orderly sends empty turnover boxes and empty pallets back to the warehouse. At the intersection of conveyor belts, the double rod feeding device distributes different auto parts to each branch conveyor belt, and finally these auto parts are transported to the two rear loading lines in time. Finally, the packaging materials of the parts are sent to the recycling point by two 200m long, parallel and special conveyor belts connected with the afterloading production line

at present, there are 491 suppliers in the world providing auto parts for the BMW car factory in Regensburg. Some suppliers supply goods in a timely manner with zero inventory, while others supply goods as planned and store the goods in the warehouse of BMW logistics management center. The goods stored in the warehouse are distributed to the automobile assembly line according to the production needs. (end)

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