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Bock city "bock fishing" exclusive mechanical pet function can be powerful to abuse and cry crazy doctor

bock City bock fishing's exclusive mechanical pet has a powerful function of crying crazy doctor

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original title: bock City bock fishing exclusive mechanical pet has powerful function of crying crazy doctor

bock City bock fishing's exclusive mechanical pet has a powerful function of crying crazy doctor

as the overlord of the "mechanical maze", bock fishing, a boutique leisure mobile game under bock City, Dr. crazy can accurately detect the tensile strength, flexural strength, shear strength, upper yield strength, lower yield strength, specified plastic elongation strength, specified total elongation strength, specified residual elongation strength, yield point elongation, plastic elongation, total elongation The total elongation at break, elongation after break, shrinkage after break and so on are among the targets pursued by everyone in the mobile game "pork fishing". While scrambling to try something new, many players were defeated by the abnormal counterattack of Dr. crazy. They can only look at the huge treasure in the mechanical city and sigh

bock city's boutique leisure mobile game "bock fishing" the latest expansion film "mechanical maze"

in the face of Dr. crazy's super combat power, players can not easily win by relying on their own strength. In order to help players compete with Dr. evil monster, bock city has brought a lovely right-hand assistant - Mechanical pet to players in this update of bock fishing. "Mechanical pet" is a powerful helper for players to fight boss. Players can call mechanical pets at any time when fighting with Dr. monster. The most special thing about armed pets is that their attacks consume electromagnetic energy, and pets get electromagnetic energy after killing fish species. The more fish species you kill, the more electromagnetic energy you earn. And a certain amount of electromagnetic energy can be converted into platinum warheads. If the electromagnetic energy is insufficient, the platinum warhead can also be used for charging

bock city the latest boss crazy doctor in bock fishing

in addition, mechanical pets can also change into cannons and randomly orient platforms in the X, y and Z directions. Like the player's artillery, they can upgrade their combat power, which is the biggest advantage of mechanical pets. Of course, the mechanical fragments required for upgrading after turning into a battery also need to be obtained by killing the mechanical fish. The higher the level of the mechanical pet, the higher the multiple of turning into a pet battery, and the more electromagnetic energy obtained by killing the mechanical fish, forming a virtuous circle. You can't just look at the bag materials every minute. It's nothing to cry Dr. crazy

the latest pet in pork fishing in pork city - Mechanical pet

of course, if you want to defeat Dr. crazy, it is not enough to rely on the knowledge of mechanical pets, but more on the operating skills of players. In the mechanical maze expansion film released by pork fishing, mechanical monsters can be said to be everywhere. Therefore, at this critical moment, the focus is on speed. Quick sighted players can constantly fire bullets at Dr. crazy, but they still don't miss any valuable mechanical fish and sit on the throne of sea overlord

bock fishing, a leisure hand tour under bock City, wants to see all kinds of mechanical fish, own their own mechanical pets, win the enviable treasure with tight and reliable protective covers, and experience the intense adventure of treasure hunting in a retro world. Come to bock fishing's mechanical maze. All kinds of forgotten lost technologies and lost treasures hidden in the depths are waiting for you to explore

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