The hottest bobeoplaye8 is the sound quality good

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Is the sound quality of b&o beoplay E8 good? How about the horizontal evaluation of b&o E8 wireless earphones

b o hot selling earphones recommendation: b o beoplay E8 real wireless bluetooth earphones in ear Danish Bo Mini ultra small universal ear plastic will become the main material for the development of smart hardware such as mobile phones. It can be accessed by fingertip touch. How about the performance of this earphone? Is it easy to use? Let's take a look at the latest usage reviews as follows, hoping to help friends in need choose this headset for reference

I. how about the b o beoplay E8 earphone

use the spring testing machine for one month to test parameters: it has been used by friend Amway B O's earphone for a long time. We received the order the next day. The charging box is very small. The physical store tried black. It feels like a hearing aid. This time I bought gray. I really like it. The connection is simple. You can find it by turning on Bluetooth. After listening to the song, I felt that the volume in the right ear was higher than that in the left ear. Decontrol is still familiar. A picture of wearing earphones is attached for your reference. The size of the real object is externalized in shape. The rest will be reviewed after half a year of use: Please Click to view the details of electrolytic aluminum supply and improvement; View the quotation after JD coupons

II. B o beoplay E8 configuration parameters:

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