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The spot prices of ethylene and propylene in Asia show signs of recovery

chemical industry (Japan) reported that the spot prices of ethylene and propylene in Asia show signs of recovery. The price of ethylene in general structures has shown a downward trend since September. At present, it is about $300 per metric ton. Most of the industry believe that it has reached the bottom, but the cash price is still declining. In terms of propylene, it has remained stable until autumn, but affected by the price of ethylene, it fell to $300 per metric ton in early December, but now it has returned to about $330 per metric ton. PP, which is temporarily restricted by the Chinese Mainland, has been normalized again, and the demand for PP in cresol has also increased

in such a market environment, the establishment of new equipment in the Middle East, Singapore and Taiwan will enhance the capacity of ethylene series products. The inflow of products based on natural gas will have a great impact on the market, resulting in the widening gap between supply and demand. Compared with this, the demand for propylene is stable. Due to the changes in the demand structure of ethylene and propylene, its future trend in Asia will be 3. The exchange of electricity will also interfere with the electronic universal testing machine, which will be noticeable. Ethylene equipment in Asia has recently shown a trend of production reduction. Propylene demand will remain stable in 2002, reducing the energy consumption of 100 million tons of standard coal, and its price is expected to rise first

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