The hottest spot price is strong. Tianjiao cannot

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Spot prices are strong. Tianjiao cannot be easily sold short.

this week, Shanghai Jiao began to stagnate after nearly a month of rising. It encountered great resistance at 28000 and began to callback. From Monday to Wednesday, it maintained a volatile trend in the absence of new guidance. Although crude oil rose sharply on Thursday, it did not bring Tianjiao support. It fell rapidly under the pressure of the entry of short sellers and the departure of some bulls' profits. It once fell to the limit in the session. Although the limit was not closed in the late trading, it has seriously depressed the morale of bulls. Friday has been in a narrow range near the opening price, with heavy differences between the long and short sides and a sharp increase in positions. The main month 0809 fell 550 points this week, and the softening coefficient of compressive strength closed at 27250

after hitting a recent high on Sunday, the glue fluctuated widely and gained support above 340. On Monday, the Japanese glue fell sharply by 2.7% to the lowest point of this week, and the strength of the yen suppressed the trend of Japanese glue. Pushed by the sharp rise in crude oil on Tuesday and Wednesday, the Japanese gum rebounded from Monday's sharp fall and returned to around 350 yen. Japanese glue failed to hold the 350 yen mark on Thursday, and fell 1.8% due to the fund's profit departure. Due to the impact of the U.S. market closure on Friday, the daily glue fluctuated in a narrow range, and the trading volume decreased significantly. Glue fell 8.2 points on Sunday and closed at 346.9 late Friday

in terms of inventory, the inventory of Shanghai Stock Exchange increased slightly again from 1735 tons to 18960 tons. With the deepening of rubber cutting and the good loading of domestic weather, the supply of natural rubber will also begin to increase. It is expected that the inventory of the main motor source of the experimental machine will gradually increase in the future, and the situation of glue shortage in the market will gradually improve. According to the latest inventory released by the Japan rubber trade association, as of June 20, Japan's natural rubber inventory fell again by 11% to 9510 tons, down 40% from the same period last year

in the spot market, although the domestic spot price is gradually declining, the transaction price has been maintained above 27300. However, as the spot price has been kept high, the trading volume has also shrunk sharply. In the international spot market, raw materials are still tight, and the quotation of Indonesian sir20 is always above 3250

after Thursday's big 1 After the reduction of positions in the development range of the industry chain, the domestic futures price deviated from the spot and import costs, and there was a certain discount. At present, the strong spot price and high import costs still support the domestic futures price. The rising channel of Shanghai rubber is still maintained, and it is difficult to make a deep correction. Therefore, it is suggested to wait and see for a while, and do not sell short easily

Jia Zheng of Southwest futures

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