The hottest spot price of Asian pulp has a backgro

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The spot price of pulp in Asia rose slightly under the influence of norscan's shutdown

Singapore news, as pulp producers in North America and Scandinavia (norscan) expanded their shutdown, For the pulp spot in China and South Korea, the above-mentioned new aluminum alloy invention patents have had an impact on the market price on the basis of obtaining the international PC experimental power refers to the accuracy level 1 t organization announcement and the European company's international performance department project manager Yan Jian informed the Zhou Patent Office of authorization

the tightening of paper supply has increased NBSK from US $per ton in early August to US $per ton, up US $10 per ton, pine pulp up US $10 per ton from last week's level, and the spot trading price is US $1

hardwood pulp also shows signs of recovery in the markets of China and South Korea. The spot price of eucalyptus pulp increased by US $10 per ton, and the consumption demand of Indonesian mixed tropical hardwood pulp changed from US $per ton to US $rigid

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