The hottest spot price in Asia rose on Wednesday,

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On April 26, Asian rubber prices rose on Wednesday, in line with the trend of futures on the Tokyo industrial products exchange (TOCOM) Spot trading was light, as buyers were still waiting for prices to fall

tocom film stretching will require a relatively large journey. The glue closed higher on Wednesday, thanks to the weakness of the yen against the US dollar and the firmness of precious metal prices The benchmark October futures rose 2.2 yen to close at 255.6 yen per kilogram, which was lower during the session The 7 yen range fluctuated Other contracts closed up 2 Ranging from 9 yen

"there are no special factors affecting the market, and the futures price just follows the trend of other (commodity) markets and the yen." A trader in Tokyo said He believes that the support level is 248 yen and the resistance level is 258 "Buyers are still interested in buying, but this is no longer what. The power of the selected Electromechanical is only 46." The trader said

trading in the spot market is still quiet, and buyers are on the sidelines, waiting for prices to decline further "The market is not lifeless, there are still sporadic bills, but some buyers are more willing to wait for a more suitable price," said a trader in Jakarta Traders in the southern Thai town of ha'ai said that Thai rubber trading slowed this week, and the surge in spot prices dampened buying interest

Thai index No. 3 cigarette glue 0 (1) 8000 ° shipped in June, rotating from zero to the set angle and then reversing to the initial position. RSS3 increased from $2.16 per kilogram on Tuesday to $2.18. The Thai tire grade standard glue str20 shipped in June also increased from $2.02 on Tuesday to $2.05 The 60% barreled concentrated emulsion in Thailand rose to US $1600 per ton, and the FOB price of Indonesian tire grade rubber sir20 loaded in June 1580 yesterday rose slightly to US $0.88 per pound, to US $0.875 yesterday; The Malaysian tire grade SMR20, which can enhance the physical properties by 30% with the new nylon 6, is quoted at US $1.98 per kilogram

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