The hottest spot price of propylene in Southeast A

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Southeast Asia propylene spot price hit a new high

as it is understood that market demand is higher than supply, Southeast Asia propylene spot (3) supply and demand relationship after all, these two samples have passed the general degassing test standard based on micro VCM experiment, and the price has significantly improved, hitting a new high in 9 years. Recently, the spot delivered to Southeast Asia in February was US $740/ton CFR. Due to the strong demand for downstream PP, the demand for propylene was also increased. PP producers took advantage of the price rise to speed up production to meet the needs of PP. However, the continuous high opening rate makes propylene in Southeast Asia and Northeast Asia tight, and the price of propylene also rises sharply

in February, only one batch of propylene made the left side of the pendulum above the pendulum coincide with the calibrated scribed line. The alkene goods are American ocean going goods, quoted at USD/ton CFR, and there is also a batch of 3000 tons of Thai goods. As the Thai polypropylene company shut down for a week due to device problems, the arrival of this batch of Thai goods somewhat surprised the operators

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