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Tile axis: build a domestic first-class laboratory to promote enterprise transformation and upgrading

tile axis: build a domestic first-class laboratory to promote enterprise transformation and upgrading

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Wafangdian Bearing Group Co., Ltd. testing and testing center is a comprehensive bearing testing laboratory integrating testing, testing, analysis, research, identification and evaluation. In March, 2004, the testing and testing center officially passed the testing capability accreditation of the National Accreditation Commission for conformity assessment of China, and the testing results are mutually recognized with the testing results of all Member States of the International Accreditation Cooperation Organization (ILAC), which also marks that the testing capability and testing level of the testing and testing center have reached the leading level in the domestic bearing industry

the construction area of the bearing shaft testing center is about 10000 square meters. It is the largest bearing professional testing center in the domestic bearing industry at present. The center has a bearing life test room, a material inspection room, a product inspection room, and a bearing vibration and noise research room. It has more than 260 sets of main testing equipment, complete testing equipment, and advanced testing methods. In order to develop this kind of material. Relying on the national large bearing engineering research center, the relocated testing center has been put into use, with 12 new equipment and 7 updated equipment

at present, the bearing life test room has more than 90 sets of bearing life and performance test equipment, which can carry out the life test and reliability test, sealing, dust prevention and temperature rise performance test, bearing limit speed test, high temperature and high speed test, and various bearing simulation conditions. 4. The digital display is similar to the oil source test of the computer. The laboratory has many special test platforms, such as wind turbine bearings, machine tool bearings, automobile bearings, railway bearings, etc. at present, it can carry out life and performance tests on bearing products with a maximum outer diameter of 1.2 meters, and can carry out simulated performance and life tests on turntable bearings with an outer diameter of 3.6 meters. It is the only testing machine in China that can carry out super large bearing tests

at present, the bearing inspection and test center regularly inspects and tests the key products produced by the company every year to ensure the stability of product quality and facilitate the continuous discovery of problems and continuous improvement of products. Before the finalization of important new products, we should also find the problems in the design and process through inspection and test, and optimize the products. Advanced detection equipment and complete detection means provide more and more reliable test and detection data for the further theoretical research of the bearing, provide a solid foundation for the technical innovation and improvement of the bearing, and provide a reliable guarantee for the technical progress of the bearing

the bearing group will speed up the construction of the national large-scale bearing engineering technology research center, focus on engineering technology, carry out basic research and application research, and constantly improve the detection and test platform 8 There is obvious dislocation on the edge of the joint surface of key parts of the electronic tensile testing machine. Establish an advanced 3. Fully automatic specimen clamping international technical standard system, and build the engineering technology research center into the core base of the three functions of technological innovation, technological transformation and talent training in the field of large-scale bearings in the country. At the same time, we will accelerate the construction of the European research and Development Center for bearing pads and the American automobile bearing testing and Testing Center for bearing pads. With these three four in one technological innovation platforms of "production, learning, research and application", we will promote the research and development of high-end products of bearing pads to make breakthroughs, and drive the development of China's bearing industry

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