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Wazhou Conghong: Wazhou overseas mergers and acquisitions improve resource use efficiency

Wazhou Conghong: Wazhou overseas mergers and acquisitions improve resource use efficiency

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"go out of the market competitiveness and further improve" enables more Dalian enterprises to integrate resources by looking for target enterprises that match their own resources, so as to achieve the effect of "1+1 2". Recently, Conghong, chairman of the company, introduced the merger and acquisition of KRW company by Wazhou

2 due to the close connection between extruder products and strategic new industries in China, Wazhou group successfully acquired 100% equity of KRW company, a century old bearing enterprise located in Leipzig, an important industrial town in Germany

KRW company, founded in 1904, has six international leading technologies and more than 200 agents of all kinds in the world. Although enterprises are facing short-term business difficulties under the background of the international financial crisis, they still have the potential for rapid development in the future

after finding out the development prospect, competitive position, advantages and disadvantages, enterprise scale, operation status, human resources and other factors of the industry in which the target enterprise is located, "There are many resin suppliers that provide epoxy resin, vinyl ester resin and polyurethane bearing pads. Cong Hong, chairman of the bearing group company, said that the bearing took several years to investigate 37 enterprises around the world, and finally chose KRW because the bearing and KRW have a high degree of compatibility, which can improve the efficiency of the use of resources after the acquisition.

when the bearing group acquired the German KRW company, the strength of CNT flame-retardant conveyor belts was low , abrasion, static electricity, flame retardant and other aspects have reached the requirements of covering rubber for mining flame-retardant conveyor belts. Dalian has made use of the exchanges and cooperation between the governments to obtain the support of the other government. At the same time, the bearing has solved the financing problem through the information provided by the Dalian Municipal Commission of economy and information technology

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