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Wazhou group: hold a square party to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China

Wazhou group: hold a square party to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China

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on the evening of September 26, the square party to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China and the closing ceremony of the "summer of Wazhou" Art Festival with the theme of "dream sailing here" kicked off at the square of the bearing workers' Cultural Center. Cong Hong, chairman of the group and Secretary of the Party committee, General manager Meng Wei and other leaders watched the performance. Cong Hong presented awards to the engineering technology research center, super large precision bearing branch, automobile bearing branch, bearing equipment company, company publicity department, company Youth League Committee, logistics department, bearing hospital and Wazhou kindergarten that won the excellent organization award

this art festival lasted three months and was divided into three stages: "always follow the party", "tile axis my lovely home" and "sing about the motherland". It held 10 art performances, with a total of 19 units and more than 2000 employees participating. As the closing ceremony of this art festival, the closing ceremony evening party reflects the essence of the content of the whole art festival. The solo singing "my Chinese dream", the poem recitation "growing up under your banner", the sitcom "growing up in youth" and other programs have bright themes and creative ideas, which have won the audience's love with a unique perspective and form, and send the most sincere wishes to the motherland's 65th birthday

as an important brand in the construction of tile axis culture, the "summer of tile axis" Art Festival has been held for 17 times, and the accumulation of many years has become an important part of enriching tile axis workers. Some people are worried that China currently imports a large number of waste workers and the amateur cultural life of the people in Wafangdian City. It has become a stage to show the spiritual style and cultural cultivation of enterprise employees. It is a group of cultural symbols and the expectation of the staff. Every year, the art festival runs through major anniversaries such as the founding of the party, the founding of the people's Republic of China and the establishment of factories. It is a re education of loving the party, patriotism and factories. Especially this year, the tile axis is in a critical period of deepening structural adjustment, implementing the commanding heights and overcoming difficulties with international strategies. It is more necessary to condense the wisdom and strength of cadres and employees, and glow the passion and vitality of all employees

the square party condenses the wisdom and strength of employees. Most of the 10 galas of this art festival were written, directed and performed by employees themselves. Around the major events in the process of enterprise development and the anecdotes around them, they created literary and artistic programs in various forms, such as talk show performance and sketch "consulting room storm". The square party has stimulated the creativity and expressiveness of employees, which will also provide strong support for the new round of innovative development of enterprises

the square party highlights the corporate culture brand. Culture is invisible, and the party is visible. Through a series of square parties, the invisible tile axis cultural brand is shown in tangible programs, such as the dance "soldier Doll", "sailing on the sea by the helmsman", and the song "singing facebook", which fully shows the spiritual appearance of tile axis employees and their children and the Humanistic Heritage of the enterprise

the square party improves the popularity of enterprises. Square party is an effective public activity and an effective way of communication. The holding of each party has attracted the attention of many citizens within the radiation range of the enterprise, which has deepened their understanding of the enterprise. Poetry recitation "singing in October", chorus "song of employees" and other works extolling the development achievements and spiritual outlook of the enterprise. Because water will enhance the degradation of PLA materials, it also allows you to know more about the achievements of the tile shaft

this year's Art Festival kicked off on the party's birthday, singing the theme of loving the country, the party and the enterprise. Singing and dancing parties, poetry recitations, singing competitions, variety competitions and other forms of artistic performances run through the entire art festival, providing a big stage for the company's employees to express themselves, show their talents, exercise their courage, and bloom their style, and bringing many visual and auditory feasts to the employees and their families. The whole art festival presents you with a unique tile axis culture, which has become a beautiful scenery in Wafangdian City. The "summer of tile axis" Art Festival has become a booster to promote the composition of enterprise fatigue testing machines and the realization of "two breakthroughs" in the basic management industry in ordinary use, and to build a large bearing group with international competitiveness

although the 17th "summer of tile axis" Art Festival came to a perfect end, the significance of this series of square parties itself has not stopped but will continue to extend

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