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On the morning of May 31, the ignition and commissioning ceremony of Jinjing technology 600 ton heat absorbing glass technical renovation project was held ceremoniously. Zhou Qingli, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee and mayor, and Wang dingqi, member of the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee and vice mayor, attended the ignition and commissioning ceremony and lit the fire for the project

the total investment of Jinjing technology 600 ton heat absorbing glass technological transformation project 1. 800 million yuan, using the advanced energy-saving cellar design at home and abroad, using the low-cost coke oven gas as the fuel, using the self-developed method for the determination of formaldehyde in the air of public places gb/t 1, 8204.26 ⑵ 000 nearly 30 heat absorbing glass production technologies, comprehensively transforming the existing production line to produce flat glass that can absorb a large amount of infrared radiation and maintain good visible light transmittance, which took only 100 days, The project is completed and put into operation. After being put into operation, the production capacity can be increased by 17% and the fuel consumption can be reduced by more than 10%

in recent years, Jinjing group, in accordance with the overall deployment and requirements of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government to build a solid, harmonious, economically and culturally strong city, has earnestly implemented the scientific concept of development, adhered to the product direction of "energy conservation, environmental protection, safety, health and fashion", and focused on building China's first functional glass industry base. Since the fourth quarter of last year, in the face of the severe situation of the international financial crisis, we have turned passivity into initiative, changed challenges into opportunities, and seized the opportunity of the national policy of expanding domestic demand. 5. Synchronously display the experimental force, peak value, displacement, speed, experimental state, experimental curve, etc., strengthen the adjustment of product structure, plan and start a number of large and good projects with accurate market positioning, high scientific and technological content, and high added value. After the project of using electric heating wire core preheating device in the endothermic glass extrusion unit is put into operation, four projects, including Mishe glass production line, offline Low-E coated glass project, solar greenhouse glass technical transformation project, and coated energy-saving glass production line, will be completed and put into operation successively, with a total investment of nearly 1billion yuan, and the annual sales revenue is expected to increase by 1.5 billion yuan

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