The 60000 ton nylon plant of Baling Petrochemical

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At 9:45 a.m. on November 22, Baling Petrochemical Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. built a 60000 ton nylon chip polymerization unit and started to produce qualified products, marking a successful start-up of the nylon chip polymerization unit with domestic advanced level, Xinjiang cotton field, which uses BASF ecovio biodegradable film

according to the introduction, the construction project of 60000 ton nylon chip reconstruction and capacity expansion device of chemical fiber company started from November 5, 2009. From May 27 this year, the installation and service life of the equipment system is long, creating a "short and fast" miracle in the history of device reconstruction and expansion in Yueyang area. The project adopts the share cooperation mechanism, introduces foreign private capital to participate in the shares, and the total investment is 47million yuan, which saves 19million yuan of investment compared with the original plan and budget. It is expected that the nylon chip production capacity of the chemical fiber company will reach 110000 tons after the start-up of the new polymerization unit, and the production capacity will leap to the second place in the country

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